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Where can I buy e-liquid with nicotine in Norway? June 14 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a new flavour to vape? Have you been wondering how you can buy great tasting e-liquid with nicotine in Norway?

Good news, at Vape and Juice we’ve got you covered. 

We offer you something a little different to what you might be used to in Norway, with e-liquid flavours inspired by the Best of British. You’ll find flavours featuring classic English fruits such as blackcurrant, elderflower and strawberry. You’ll also find juices inspired by desserts and sweets, such as banoffee pie, rhubarb and custard, rice pudding and strawberry custard

Is your mouth-watering? Click here to go straight to the website. 

All of the e-liquids we stock at Vape and Juice are made in the UK and contain only high quality ingredients. Our juices are made in places with standards as high as our own, and trust us, we only like the good stuff! We taste test every flavour and brand that we sell to ensure that our customers only get the best of the best to fill up a tank.  

We send out e-liquid containing nicotine, along with vape devices and accessories to Norway at a very reasonable price. You can place your order online and it will be with you in a matter of days. 

If you’re in Norway and looking to buy quality e-liquid that will give you a new flavour and has nicotine, then head on over to our website where you can find everything you could need. 

Is second hand vaping dangerous? June 12 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever been vaping in the street, only to have someone next to you waving their arms around and huffing because there’s a vape cloud surrounding them?

Lots of people (who don’t vape) are lead to believe that second hand vaping is dangerous, just like second hand smoking has been proven to be.

However, when it comes to vaping, while the clouds that surround people might be annoying, it isn’t proven that second hand vaping is dangerous. Okay, so there have been lots of scary headlines on the topic of passive vaping but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that they’re just mights and maybes. Nothing concrete at all.

In a recent blog post by public health expert Dr. Michael Siegel, he writes “To date, there is no evidence that there is any substantial exposure to harmful chemicals in real-life situations that most adults and children encounter. On the contrary, there is evidence that second hand “vapour” dissipates rapidly and that exposure to nicotine and other chemicals is very low.”

In 2013 there was a study by a team of American and Polish scientists, who measured aerosol particles, carbon monoxide, nicotine and VOC’s from different vape pens. They found nothing to raise any concern. In the study they write: “Using an e-cigarette in indoor environments may involuntarily expose nonusers to nicotine but not to toxic tobacco-specific combustion products.” They also admit that “more research is needed to evaluate health consequences of second hand exposure to nicotine, especially among vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular conditions.”

So is second hand vaping dangerous? Does it warrant having that little lady huffing and coughing while waving her arms in an effort to disperse the cloud?


Until there is substantial evidence to say that second hand vaping is a danger to others then be respectful of where you are blowing your clouds, but know your stuff so you can fight your corner!


Can you vape in places where smoking is banned? June 12 2017, 0 Comments

In the past, vaping in places where smoking was banned used to be a bit of a grey area.

When it first gained popularity, I’d see people vaping those small vape pens on trains, in shops, cinemas, pubs and pretty much anywhere where it was illegal to light up a real cigarette.

More recently, though, I’ve noticed signs up on walls and heard tannoy announcements at train stations saying that smoking, and the use of e-cigs, is not permitted. Even while I was at the cinema, before the film came on there was the same announcement: no vaping.

Here are a few places where you definitely, 100%, cannot vape:

  • On trains and inside train stations
  • On planes (see our blog on this!)
  • Big name restaurant chains, including Starbucks, Caffè Nero, All Bar One, and KFC.
  • Sports stadiums
  • Many shops (excluding some vape shops, of course)
  • Hospital grounds in Scotland (... and lots of hospitals across the rest of the UK have enforced their own vaping rules now, too)

However, not everywhere is so strict on vaping in places where you cannot smoke. For example, in pubs and clubs there are no official laws currently in place in the UK that would legally stop you from vaping on the premises. Many pubs will usually allow you to have a pint alongside a tank of Vampire Vapes Heisenberg. 

That being said, every place has its own policies. I've been in some pubs where the bouncer will literally chuck you out by your drip tip if they see you vaping, and then other places where you can blow clouds all over the manager and they don’t even bat an eyelid.

To be on the safe side, always ask the landlord or lady.

Even if you are in a pub where you know you can vape, be courteous of those around you. Last thing you want is Mavis, quietly having her Sunday sherry, making a complaint about your clouds of vape, and leaving the pub's management with no choice but to enforce a ban.

So can you vape where smoking is banned? Sometimes. But as a rule of thumb, ALWAYS ask first.


'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Leo at our Vape Shop in Hackney Central. June 01 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a vape shop in Hackney Central? If so then look no further, because Vape and Juice Hackney is now open, to help you quit smoking in 2017. Situated less than a minute away from Hackney Central station, our newest London vape shop, stocks everything from vape starter kits, to vape mods and the best premium eliquids the vape world has to offer! Come and check us out at 244 Graham Rd, London E8 1BP.


vape shop hackney

When you arrive, you'll meet our vape expert Leo, who's based at our Hackney vape store. He's here to answer any vape questions you may have and to help you on your way to a smoke free future! 

We caught up with Leo to ask him a few questions about his vaping journey. Here's what he had to say!  

So Leo, tell us how you got in to vaping?

Hackney vape

It all started around five years ago when my friend told me that he stopped smoking thanks to the "electronic-cigarette". I was quite sceptical about it as I'd never heard any positive feedback about e-cigs. He then showed me his new device which was completely different from what I was used to (the old e-cigs with changeable "filters" and tropical fruit flavoured e-liquid.) So I decided to give it a try and got myself an eGo Twist battery with a Kangertech tank. After a few weeks of using it, I realised that I had no cravings for cigarettes any more, and decided to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in my liquids.

What is your best eliquid?

I'm a fruity flavour guy. Even though I love to change flavours very often, Bad Blood by Nasty Juice is most often in my pocket. Other memorable flavours would be Melonade by ZAP! which is my go to choice during hot sunny days, as well as Strawberry Banana Waffle by Double Drip during cosy evenings in when it's cold outside.

What is your favourite vape kit?

My go to set up for quite some time has been my asMODus Minikin 2 coupled with a CSMNT postless RDA by District F5ve. I love the minimalistic design of the set up and how nice it feels in the hand. 

What is the most commonly asked question you get asked, working in a vape store in London?

"Isn't it dangerous?"

Many people have heard of vapes exploding, and unfortunately it gives the vaping industry a bad name. However, all of these cases were down to the two mistakes some people make. Here are some tips on how to avoid them:

  1. Never buy items from unlicensed sellers. eBay has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a vaping device, but a lot of them are fake. Fake products are usually made with cheap materials and have bad build quality. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Know your battery safety, especially if you are going down the mechanical mod route. And buy batteries only from respected brands and shops.



What is your top tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond?

Enjoy your vape! The reason you’ve made this switch is to enjoy it, so do so. I look forward to seeing you at our Hackney Central vape store in the near future! 


How to Make Big Vape Clouds May 22 2017, 0 Comments

Bored of that little puff of vapour that you get from a basic e-cig? If you are looking at making some big vape clouds, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we’re going to give you our top tips for ‘cloud chasing’.

First off, what is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is more than just vaping... it’s an actual sport these days, with competitions and everything! It's where vapers work on their mods and atomisers to enable them to blow the largest amount of vapour. There are devices which already make big clouds in their own right, but there are also ways to enhance the amount of vapour produced.

Now let’s look at how to make big vape clouds.

The Right Atomiser:

If you want big clouds, then you’re going to want to pick up a low resistance sub-ohm atomiser (AKA: tank) such as the Innokin iSub VE or the Aspire Clieto.

Since there are different levels of sub-ohm tank, requiring different levels of power, the iSub VE is a good place to start out - it's compatible with a selection of coils that are available in varieties that can be fired at a relatively low wattage when compared to other sub-ohm tanks.

If you're looking to up the ante a little, you could opt for the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast (mid power range) or the Aspire Cleito 120 (high power range). These tanks take lower resistance coils, which will be compatible with thicker juices that provide more vapour, and take more power to fire. The Cleito 120 in particular has a large coil that replaces the traditional chimney often found in tanks, which will also help to provide bigger clouds. 

Please note that you will need to have a device that packs enough punch for sub-ohm resistances; mods such as the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 or the Smok G150 are both appropriate, alongside many others that we sell.

Set the Airflow:
There needs to be enough air escaping so that the tank and coil don’t overheat, however if there is too much air, it will thin out your clouds. More airflow equals more vapour, though if you don't use enough wattage with lots of airflow, it will also make vapour less dense. When you’re cloud chasing you’ll want clouds to be both dense and huge. Have a play with the airflow on your device and find the perfect power setting that will stop the coil from burning out, but will still produce impressive vapour.

The Right E-liquid:
If you’re looking at how to make big vape clouds then you will want the right e-liquid, which would be a vegetable glycerin (VG) heavy one. The thicker VG liquid will give you denser clouds. A 70/30 VG to PG ratio is an ideal all-rounder for full flavour, a decent throat hit and, importantly, huge clouds.

Build your own coils:
When you build your own coils, you have more freedom to make different resistances than you would with pre-made coils. The lower the resistance of your coils, the more watts you can use, ultimately making your clouds bigger. You might also want to look at going for a dual coil if you’re looking to create some serious clouds. (Note: a dual coil will halve your resistance.)

Get your breathing right:
Once you have got the perfect set-up on your device, you will want to consider your inhale and exhale technique. First, you should exhale before taking in the vapour to fill your your lungs to max capacity. Then a nice big inhale. When exhaling, if you breathe out too quick it will cause the clouds to thin out. If you want big, dense clouds then exhale slower.

big vape clouds

Confident on how to make big vape clouds? If not, pop in one of our stores and ask advice from one of our experts.

Vape Hacks for the Consummate Vaper May 19 2017, 0 Comments

Whether you're new to vaping, been vaping a while, or are a bit of a pro at rebuildable coils, you’ll want to know about these vape hacks.

1. Keep Hand Sanitiser Handy

You probably know about this one already - keep hand sanitiser close by. If you’ve ever been filling up your vape and spilled some liquid on your skin, you’ll know how sticky it can get (especially if you’re not able to wash your hands!) The alcohol in the sanitiser works wonders to getting the liquid off.

 2. Lego Blocks =  Atomiser Holder

This is my favourite of all the vape hacks. Lego blocks make the perfect place to store your 510 atomisers or clearomisers. It will keep them upright to prevent any leakage, and if they’re glass, then they will be protected from smashing. It also looks pretty cool!

vape tips

 3. Vinegar/Lemon Juice = Copper Mod Cleaner

Has your copper mod lost its shine? You can buy a copper cleaner from the shop, however it will probably set you back a few pounds. How about this vape hack, instead - use Lemon Juice or Vinegar to clean your copper mod. All you need to do is dab a little on a cloth and then rub it gently on the mod. Rinse with cold water and then dry it off.

 4. Nail Clippers = All-in-One Vapers Tool 

Using nail clippers is one of the vape hacks you must know about if you’re building your own coils, because they’re great for clipping wire and cotton.  When you pick some up, get them with the little file on the end - it's is the perfect tool to wick your RDA’s.

 5. Wash your Rebuildable Coils

You built a pretty impressive coil, but now it’s starting to get black and gunky. Rather than building it again, use this (one of the top vape hacks) to get your coil shining again. Simply fire up your vape until it’s glowing red and dip it in running water. You’ll see that your coils are cleaned up and ready to be re-wicked.

 6. Leaky Tank?

Is your tank leaking or bubbling & spitting at you? Have no fear! Just turn your whole device upside down and hold the fire button for a couple of seconds. Repeat this two or three times and all that pesky excess will drip out from the drip tip - just be sure to have a bit of tissue to catch the drips! (Note this will not get rid of excess that is already in the airflow base, but will prevent more from gathering there.)

Do you know any other vape hacks? Drop us a message below and let us know. Until then, stay safe and vape on! 

Work in Ibiza this Summer with Vape and Juice May 19 2017, 0 Comments

It’s a big year for Vape and Juice!

We now have 17 shops in London, Kent and Essex, with our newest one opening in Ibiza this Summer.

Having a new vape shop in Ibiza means that we're currently looking for fellow vapers who know their stuff (and want to spend a Summer in the sun) to join the team.

vape shop ibiza

So, why would you want to pack up your vape case and head over for a Summer of sangria and sunsets?

Here are a few reasons why you should work in Ibiza this year:

1. You’ll save money

Really, you will! As the friendly vape shop employee, you’ll meet loads of people who will be able to get you into big nights out for free. Being a ‘local’ means that you’ll know the places to get the best deals too. You’ll probably find that you spend less on a night out in Ibiza than you do in England.

2. Everyone is happy!

People are either happily on holiday, or they’re working in the sun and loving life. When people are happy it’s infectious; there’s no one to moan about delays on the Met line, or about the fact that it’s raining...again.

3. Days off!

You’ll still get days off, just like you do in England. However, you’ll probably spend your days off down the beach, at a boat party, or chilling out in a local bar. Bit different from what you’d do back home!

4. You’ll meet people

Working in a vape shop means that you will probably have regular customers coming in. Chances are they're also working over the holiday season, so you’ll never be short of friends on the island.

vape ibiza

5. Selling what you love - in the sun!

Work doesn’t feel so much like work when the sun is shining and you’re selling something you feel passionate about. The shifts will fly by!

If you’re looking to have the summer of a lifetime, have a passion for vaping and experience working in retail, then contact us today!

Vape shop Ibiza 2017 May 19 2017, 0 Comments

If you’re off to Ibiza this year then we have good news for you; we have a vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza opening in 2017!

No need to fill up your suitcase with e-juice, spare coils, ‘just in case’ batteries and anything else you might normally take, because we’ve got all the vape supplies you could possibly need for your holiday.  

vape shop ibiza

The Vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza stocks the same reputable brands that we sell in our UK stores, including Aspire, SMOK, Innokin and more.

We also have a wide variety of juices in store that you can try before you buy to make sure you get the right flavour for your holiday. Our expert staff will be on hand to make sure you’re choosing the right juice to suit your device, so you'll be sure to get a satisfying vape while watching the sun setting over the bay. Whether you’re just looking for a good deal, or if you want to throw big clouds, we’ve got the right liquid for you in our vape shop in Ibiza.

Even if you just fancy a chat about the latest in the industry, new flavours and devices you've tried back home, what coils you're building, or who you saw DJ in Amnesia, you're welcome to pop in and shoot the breeze with us in Vape and Juice Ibiza.

Just like our vape shops in London, Essex and Kent, the vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza is kitted out with the same high spec products. It's somewhere comfortable to chill out and pick up a new juice (or replace the tank you broke the night before.)

Opening hours of the new vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza

Monday - Saturday : 11:00 - 23:00

Sunday : 12:00 - 18:00

You’ll find Vape and Juice Ibiza at 10 Calle San Antonio, which is just by KFC on the West End.

Come by and stock up on a new juice - or a device that packs more of a punch than your starter kit - so that you’re ready for your big night out in Ibiza!

New vape shop in Hackney Central May 19 2017, 0 Comments

Looking for a vape shop in Hackney Central? Simply turn right as you leave Hackney Central station, then right again onto Graham Road, and you’ll see Vape and Juice Hackney! 

The store offers a place for new and hobbyist vapers alike to stock up on quality juices, a variety of devices, tools, tanks, chargers and more. Whether you’re looking into vaping to quit smoking, or you're already rebuilding coils and fancy yourself as a bit of a cloud chaser, you'll be sure to find everything you need.

Vape Hackney

Just like our other Vape shops in London, Kent and Essex (and Ibiza in 2017!) our newest vape shop in Hackney is a place where you can sit down and chill out, find your flavour, chat, and have a vape. You’re welcome to try juices and devices before you buy, so that you'll know you've found something that works for you.

Our staff are super knowledgeable about vaping and will be on hand to advise you on products - and even help you build coils, if that’s what you’re into!

We’re proud to be stocking great devices in Vape and Juice Hackney. You’ll find a range of best starter kits priced from £10, and on the higher end we also have devices such as the Smok Alien AL85, Smok Stick V8, CoolFire mini, and loads more.

And you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a juice from our vape shop in Hackney! Will you go for Lychee Lemonade by ZAP, or will you pick up a deal and grab 3 for £10?

So next time you are looking for a vape shop in Hackney, make sure you come by and see us. The address is: Vape and Juice Hackney, 244 Graham Road, Hackney, London, E8 1BP - right next to Pizza Hut!

We look forward to welcoming you in store at Vape and Juice Hackney!

New Rules and Regulations for Vaping in the UK May 05 2017, 0 Comments

New Rules and Regulations for Vaping

The new rules and regulations of vaping were brought in last year, but from May 20th all vape retailers will have to abide by them. Here’s a summary of what’s going to be changing this month and how it might affect your vaping experience.

  • Vitamins, colourings and additives in e-liquids will be banned. This includes taurine and caffeine, so you might find some of your favourite juices containing these are off the shelf.
  • Refill containers can not exceed 10ml. This will mean that there will be an increase of packaging costs, and larger bottles will be a thing of the past. Stock up on these while you can!
  • Maximum strength of nicotine will be 20mg. Previously the top strength, most popular with heavy smokers, was 24mg. This will now be reduced to 20mg. You may also struggle to get DIY juices, as sale of these will be regulated as well.
  • Maximum tank size of 2ml. “Sub Ohm” and high performance vaping tanks have often had larger capacities to accommodate bigger coils and faster juice consumption, among other things. Even some mouth-to-lung tanks have been similarly sized. From May, though, you’ll be filling up more often, and your choice of tanks will be limited.
  • Tanks must be leakproof. Good news! Now that tanks have to be 'leakproof at the point of refilling', we can all say goodbye to those rare moments where we find our tanks sitting in a small pool of juice.
  • Health warnings. Health warnings are going to have to cover 30% of the packaging, so you might find that the sleek, cool design you're used to seeing on your bottle will be a little different 
  • Child-resistant and tamper evident. Say goodbye to those pipettes and screw top bottles; from May 20th, all bottles must have the same kind of caps that you'll be familiar with from products like eye drops or mouthwash.

        Will these new rules and regulations for vaping affect you? Stop by our clearance on all non TPD compliant items, including 30ml juices!

        Why Quit Smoking and Start Vaping? May 04 2017, 0 Comments

        You’ve been considering it for a while, but now you’re really seriously thinking about how you're going to quit smoking for good. You may have tried quitting before - using patches, gum, cutting down gradually, or just going cold turkey - but if none of this has worked for you, you might want to read on...

        If you've been looking into quitting smoking, you've probably read about ‘vaping’, heard about it, or seen friends and family taking it up as a means to kick the ciggies once and for all.

        So how exactly does vaping help you quit smoking? Well...

        • When you vape, you will keep the same hand-to-mouth gestures you used when you smoked. Over the years, you’ll have developed an addiction to the act of smoking and the rituals attached to it. So when you vape, you're still simulating smoking, but not taking in the tobacco smoke, the tar, or the carbon monoxide. You're also steering clear of over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins! 
        • If you have tried other ways of quitting the cigarettes (such as gum and patches) you might have found you missed the ‘throat hit’ you get when smoking. Unlike other smoking cessation techniques, vaping gives you this desired throat hit!
        • You can gradually decrease the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. You might start off on an 18mg, and every month or so reduce down to 16mg, then 12, 8, 6, 3 and finally 0...

        Going cold turkey from the ciggies is a pretty cheap way to stop smoking, but it doesn't work for everyone. Vaping can be as cheap (or as expensive) as you want to make it. You can start off with a starter device and the basic juices, which will set you back around £20; probably much less than you’d spend on gum and patches. And if you like it, you can move on to different kits and really tailor your vaping experience to fit your needs.

        When you’re thinking about stopping smoking, consider how vaping can help you to kick the habit. You might start off by both vaping and smoking, then gradually reduce the ciggies and increase the vape, or you might want to go all in with your new vape device from the very beginning.

        Pop by one of our Vape and Juice stores, or chat to us on Facebook to hear sound advice from our experts.

        'The Face Behind the Clouds' with JP at our Enfield vape shop. April 26 2017, 0 Comments

        This weeks 'The Face Behind the Clouds' sees us visit JP at our vape shop in Enfield. We're going to dive right in and ask him a few questions about his vaping journey, and hear what he has to say about the vaping industry in 2017. Let's go! 

        Vape shop North London

        Hi JP, so tell us about how you got in to vaping?

        I basically got fed up with smoking cigarettes. The main thing for me was the smell of cigarettes. It was everywhere! My clothes, my house, my hands! Plus with the rising cost and the obvious health issues that come with it, I knew it was time to quit smoking. I headed to a vape shop near me, they explained everything, and I left with a shiny new vape pen. I threw away what was left of my 20 pack and haven't touched a cigarette since.

        What's your best vape flavour? 

        I like to switch up my juice all the time... there are so many amazing flavours out there, so it would be a shame not to try them all. One flavour that I keep coming back to is Screw-It by Lolly Vape Co. It's a perfect mix of vanilla ice cream, raspberry and a hint of bubble-gum. I have a sweet tooth and that ticks all the boxes, so it's a good all day vape for me. 

        What's your best vape kit?

        I'm currently running a Limitless 200watt box mod with a Clieto 120 sitting nicely on top. Beautiful flavour and dense cloud, just what I like!

        What vape related questions do you get asked the most?

        "What's the best vaping device?" is something I get asked often, and it's a hard one to answer because each device is different and can suit different needs. What I love to do is match the device with the person, give them something that is the best for them and what they want to get out of it. It's all about asking questions to understand their needs, giving them some different options and explaining the features and benefits of each. This approach helps us make the right choice from the off and gives the user the best chance possible of quitting cigarettes for good.   

        What's you top tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond?

        It has to be, experiment with different e-liquid flavours. You might not find your perfect all day vape if you don't - and nobody should be missing out! 

        Can I take my vape abroad? April 26 2017, 0 Comments

        Sangria, sun, and a tank full of strawberry custard e-liquid. You're vaping on holiday and living the dream...

        However, before you vape on holiday it is important to know the rules of the country you’re travelling to so that you don’t end up with an awkward telling off, or a fine. You’ll also want to know which countries don’t sell vape gear, because in this case you’ll need to pack extra.

        Here are a few popular destinations we've been asked about and the rules for vaping in their country. 


        Planning a vape while you’re touring the pyramids? Fine. However, in Egypt they have banned the sale of e-cig products, so you’ll need to stock up on plenty of juice, spare coils, tanks - the lot. Accidents happen!


        If you’re heading over to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia or Singapore then you’ll need to be careful as vaping is banned. In many APAC countries there are restrictions, so check before you start blowing clouds.

        Australia and New Zealand

        You won’t be able to buy vape juice with nicotine in it here, but using your vape pen (assuming you brought enough e-liquid with you) is okay.


        If you’re off to Mexico then stock up on necessities before you go; the sale and import of vape liquid is illegal over there.


        Spain, and in fact most of Europe, is a go when it comes to selling vape products (as long as you’re over 18, that is.) Oh and even better news, if you’re off to Ibiza this year you'll be good to go - there's a brand new Vape and Juice opening there in Summer 2017 to cater for all your needs!

        Order your products from Vape and Juice before you go on holiday, and use the code 'FREESHIP' for free UK postage. Stay off the cigarettes this Summer!

        Can I take my vape through airport security? Oh, and can I vape on the plane? April 25 2017, 0 Comments

        Can I take my vape through airport security?

        There have been a few scare stories about people taking their vape through airport security - stories on how vape pens have been mistaken for all sorts of banned items by airport security, even bullets! Chances are, though, with vape pens being part of the everyday in most countries, you’re unlikely to encounter this issue.

        I took my vape pen and juice through airport security when e-cigs were new on the scene, and although the security man did a double take at my clear bag of liquids, I got through just fine.

        However, if you’re off to Dubai and are wondering whether or not you can take your vape through airport security, then be warned: people have had their vapes taken away at the airport, both going into the country and going home.

        The standard rules for liquids and gels apply to your vape juice too; you can’t have any over 100ml, and they have to be separated out into a clear plastic bag. Unscrew your tank and put it in the bag too, then place the battery on top of your carry-on. This will make it easier for security staff to check - if you start concealing it, then it might look suspicious!

        When you’re taking your vape through airport security be sure to have your battery charged and ready to go. This way you will be able to turn it on if the security ask you to do so. Also, you’ll want a full battery for when you reach the other side!

        Even if you asked someone you know and trust, ‘Can I take my vape through airport security?’ and you’ve Googled the question, you should still check with the airports you’re travelling to and from to be doubly sure. Regulations can change, and you don’t want to be left without a vape for your time away.

        Can I vape on the plane?

        Are you going on holiday this year and wondering, ‘Can you vape on the plane?’ If it’s a long haul flight, you might be concerned about how you’ll cope without your trusted e-cig for 8 hours (or even longer!)

        Can you take your device onboard? Yes - with most airlines.

        Can you vape on the plane? No. You can’t. Sorry. 

        You might be tempted to secretly vape if you have it in your pocket, but there are a few really good reasons why you should not be tempted to crack it out until it's safe (and legal) to do so.

        For one, vaping on a plane is against the law.

        You can’t smoke ciggies on a plane, as I’m sure you’re aware. The U.S. Department of Transportation treat the use of vape pens just as if you were smoking on the plane, so you could still face a fine ranging from two to three-thousand pounds. There goes your holiday spending money, just so you could get in a sly vape! 

        And if you’re off to the Middle East, be warned that people have actually been arrested and put in jail for vaping on the plane. So don't do that, either.

        Ryanair have previously sold smokeless cigarettes on board, however, using or even charging your own is a big no.

        While you might think that you’re being super stealthy with your vaping, others might either smell something strange, or even see vapour. While most people know what vaping is these days, what if you’re next to someone who is a nervous flyer... or someone who is a stickler for the rules... or someone who has it in for vaping? They could cause a disturbance that gets the flight redirected, landing you with a huge fine Then, you’ll have more to worry about than whether or not you can vape on the plane!

        Be prepared to enjoy a vape in the sun when you land at your destination. The wait will be worth it, trust me.

        Check out our previous post on what you'll need to take with you in order to vape on holiday this summer. 

        Vaping on holiday - What shall I take? April 25 2017, 0 Comments

        The Summer holiday season is fast approaching, so the guys and gals at Vape and Juice have taken some time out to write a series of articles designed to keep you vaping and off the cigarettes this Summer - whatever your destination! 

        In our first instalment, we’ll be talking about the various items you’ll need to consider in order to keep yourself vaping on holiday! 

        What happens if you drop your vape and smash the tank just two days in? What will you do if you burn your coil out on the first day? What if…

        Okay, enough what-ifs.

        Here’s our list of things you'll need to pack if you want to vape on holiday:

        • A spare battery

        Batteries should stay out of the sun (very important). However, if you get a little careless with your mod or battery after a few drinks and accidentally leave it to get super hot, you could damage it. Take a spare and keep it in your room. Chances are you won’t need it, but it’s good to have a backup - and remember to be extra safe where batteries are involved.

        • More than enough juice

        Chances are, you’re going to be vaping more than usual. You’re off work, and you're free to vape by the pool or on the beach as you please, so while you might normally only get through one 10ml bottle in a week, you may want to consider packing another couple. That way, if you lose one, have a leakage, or just vape more than usual, you’re all set.

        • A spare tank

        Suncream = slippery! ... so it might be worth picking up a spare tank in case there are any drop-and-smash moments. At the very least, you should get yourself a vape band to go around your tank to give it that extra bit of protection from the dreaded drop! These are a steal at only 50p, so make sure you pop in to your local Vape and Juice and grab one before you fly. 


        Vape bands UK

        • A pack of coils 

        No one likes the taste of a burnt vape, so make sure your juice is tasting fresh your whole holiday by stocking up on coils. As above with your juice supply, if you're vaping more, you’ll probably find that the coil runs out faster than it would at home.

        • Another charger

        Sometimes, things break (or simply decide not to work) in different countries. Take a spare charger to be sure that you’re fully charged and fired up all day and night.

        • An adaptor plug

        I’m sure you’ll have one of these already packed for your hair dryer and phone, but maybe take another specifically for your vape. My partner and I are always fighting over the adaptor plugs on holiday for our phones, vapes… so save the stress and pack another!

        Wherever you're off to, we wish you an amazing time and look forward to seeing you before you go - and of course when you get back! We have vape shops in London, vape shops in Essex and not forgetting our ecig shops in Kent. Check out our store locator for your nearest Vape and Juice store, or order online using the code 'FREESHIP' for free UK delivery. 

        10 Top Tips for new vapers April 14 2017, 0 Comments

        You just bought your first vape kit. Your tank is full of the best UK eliquid, you’re charged to the max, you’re ready to start.

        No doubt you spent a while in the shop hearing the best tips for new vapers, however chances are you’ve left the shop and forgot the best tips you heard. Fear not, check out the Vape and Juice ten point guide below and give yourself the best chance of quitting cigarettes for good! 

        Vape shop Enfield

        Here are a few tips for a new vaper:

        1. High VG e-liquid means that you’ll get big vape clouds, but less of a throat hit.
        2. High PG e-liquid means that you get less clouds and a bigger throat hit.
        3. The darker your e-juice, the faster your coil will burn out.
        4. You should shake your e-juice before each use to ensure that the mixture is properly mixed together, this will ensure you get the best quality vape.
        5. Keep your juice and device out of the sunlight! This can decrease the intensity of the nicotine hit. Also, leaving a battery in direct sunlight is never a good idea!
        6. Don’t overcharge your battery. Once you have seen that it is full, take it off charge. This will help preserve the life of your battery in the long run.
        7. Watch out for using essential oil, cinnamon or citrus flavour juices in a plastic tank. The acidic juices can fog, crack and weaken your tank. If you love these flavours then look into getting a glass or pyrex tank.
        8. Clean your tank! If you don’t you’ll notice a buildup of gunk and you might experience the flavour tasting a little off. Look to do this once a week, or even more frequently if you vape lots.
        9. When you start to find that the flavour you used to love tastes burnt, it is time to change the coil. This tip is very important as having a burnt coil will ruin your vaping experience!
        10. Have a spare battery fully charged and ready to go. This way, if you’re out and about and your battery runs out, you’ll be all set to keep vaping!

        So there you have it, a few handy things for you to keep in mind as you embark on your vape journey. Don't forget to pay us a visit at one of our London vape shops, Essex vape shops or our ecig shops in Kent. Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

        You can use our store locator here to find your nearest store.

        'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Hassan at our Vape shop in Highgate April 12 2017, 0 Comments

        It's that time again, and another episode of the Vape and Juice blog feature, aptly named 'The Face Behind the Clouds'. This is where we take the opportunity to introduce our customers to some of the guys and girls working with us at our UK vape shops.

        This week we're visiting Hassan at our vape shop in Highgate. Over to you Hassan!

        Nice to see you H, firstly can you tell us a bit about how you got into vaping? 

        Vape and Juice Highgate

        Absolutely, I was out one night with a few friends shooting some pool, and one of them pulled out a vape pen and took a puff. I asked if I could try it and lo and behold! It was just like smoking a cigarette but better. An alternative had finally presented itself to me and there was no reason to refuse it. I hated having to step outside, especially when it was cold. I also hated the smell of cigarettes. So I quit smoking and started vaping

        What's you favourite vape Flavour?

        My best eliquid would have to be Corleone by Creme De La Crema. I was also a Shisha smoker, which meant that I was fruit bound for many years, which is why I tend to go for dessert flavours mostly. The Vape Dinner lady range is also great.

        What's your best vape kit?

        It would have to be my RX2/3 with a Cleito 120, or the Smok Guardian 3 E-Pipe coupled with the original Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave. Big vape clouds for days on both of those vape kits. 

        Most commonly asked question

        "Smells nice in here, what flavour is that!?" Some of the more fruity flavours tend to leave my shop with a sweet aroma, most notably White Lotus by Way of the Dragon. That's certainly one of our more popular eliquids. 

        Top tips for vaping in 2017 and beyond

        I think that it will help people who are trying to quit cigarettes to perceive vaping as the "smoking of the future". This way, a beginner can let go of the need for a cigarette and accept this new and evolved nicotine delivery system and all that it brings.

        Thank you for joining us Hassan and for giving us the low down. We'll be back next week with more 'The Face Behind the Clouds'.

        Until then check out our vape review of the Cleito 120 on the Vape and Juice Youtube channel. Happy vaping one and all! 

        Vape and Juice is the Newest Vape shop in Barking! April 12 2017, 0 Comments

        Vape and Juice Barking

        A vape and ecig shop in Barking from Vape and Juice

        Looking for a vape shop in Barking? One that stocks quality e-juice brands, a variety of devices and has staff on hand to be able to answer questions and advise? Well, you’ve found it. A brand new Vape and Juice is coming to Barking, Essex. Located in the Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, right by B&M bargains and Subway. You can’t miss it (and you wouldn’t want to!)

        In the Barking Vape shop we will be stocking the same high quality juice brands including Blaq, Creme de le Creme, Flavour Cloud, ZAP! and many more.

        We will also have the latest devices for you to try out. So whether you’re just looking to quit smoking and get advice along with a starter kit, or if you’re a hobbyist vaper building your own coils, we will have something for you in store.

        Our staff at Vape and Juice Barking are fully trained and are all keen vapers themselves, making them well placed to help you buy your first device and juice, or to help you build your own coils.

        Next time you’re looking to stock up, pop into our vape shop in Barking to hear about the latest news in the vape community, to get some advice, try out a new device or maybe just pick up a couple of juices.

        All of our vape shops have free wi-fi, a well stocked drinks fridge and friendly staff on hand happy to chat about their favourite topic.

        The full address is 49 Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Barking, Essex, IG11 8DH.

        We look forward to welcoming you to Vape and Juice Barking, the perfect vape shop to chill, chat and vape!

        Does vaping cause Popcorn Lung? April 06 2017, 0 Comments

        Over 10 years has passed since members of staff at a popcorn factory became ill from inhaling Diacetyl; a buttery flavoured chemical found in foods like popcorn, caramel and dairy products. Whilst this flavouring tasted good, it was linked to cases of bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as "popcorn lung”, a dangerous and irreversible lung condition.

        As a result of these findings, the major popcorn manufacturers removed Diacetyl from their products. Case close right? Well not quite. Following some ‘questionable’ research, it was discovered that Diacetyl had been found in several sweet flavoured e liquid ranges. Whilst initially this was a huge concern for vapers across the globe, it quickly became apparent that things had be blown out of proportion. No really? Yep!

        The Diacetyl findings came at a perfect time for the various media outlets on a mission to discredit vaping and to discourage would be vapers from picking up a vape pen and putting down the deadly fags. They jumped on this revelation, telling everyone that vaping was the work of the devil!

        Why were the findings misleading?
        • Only a small cross section of flavours tested contained Diacetyl, while the others did not. 
        • The levels found in e-liquids were as much as a hundred times lower than in traditional cigarettes 

        Inhaling Diacetyl over a long period is not best for the health. That’s a fact. However put into perspective, having Diacetyl present in your e liquid; vaping is still far less chemical laden than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, which are packed with chemicals, many of which have been proven to cause lung disease and cancer.

        Obviously Diacetyl being present in some e liquids was not something that was ignored. As a result of the findings all of the suppliers of the Diacetyl-containing e liquids were contacted with the results and plans were put in place to avoid this in future. As a whole the vaping industry has taken the new information on board and steps have been taken to ensure Diacetyl is not present moving forward.

        Our advice for vapers, to ensure the e-liquid they are vaping is clean, is to purchase e-juice from a reputable retailer. Avoid the cheap stuff you can pick up in petrol stations, corner shops and market stalls. 

        To conclude, If you vape you have a far lower risk of contracting popcorn lung than someone who smokes traditional cigarettes.

        Not only is the risk of diacetyl exposure far lower for vapers than for smokers but according to Critical reviews in Toxicology, “Smoking has not been shown to be a risk factor in bronchiolitis (Popcorn Lung).

        Are you new to Vaping? Wondering, "how much nicotine should be in my e-liquid?". If so check out this short video for some helpful tips. 


        'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Stuart at Vape and Juice Islington April 05 2017, 0 Comments

        For those of you that have visited the Vape and Juice blog recently, you'll be familiar with 'The Face Behind the Clouds'. A new weekly feature where we take the opportunity to introduce our customers to some of the incredible staff we're lucky enough to have working with us across our UK vape shops. This week we're in the big city visiting Stuart, the store manager at our vape shop in Islington. Lets dive right in and hear what he has to say! 

        So Stuart, tell us a little bit about how you got in to vaping?

        Vape and Juice Islington

        I'd been smoking quite a lot in 2015 - pretty much doubled my intake from the previous year, and one week I started feeling particularly unwell. When I was lying in bed one evening, I stumbled across an article on the Vice magazine website that was really positive about vaping (I think it said something like 'Vaping is 99% less harmful than smoking', which is pretty close to the 97% Cancer Research UK recently reported) and I immediately started looking into my first ecig. My dad quit using a vape starter kit after 40+ years of smoking, so I was convinced it was going to work... and it did!

        What is your favourite e-liquid flavour?

        I'm really into my soft drink flavours, and I always go back to Zap! Vintage Cola... it's very authentic and refreshing!

        What's your Go To set up?

        Gotta be my Coolfire 4 with my Nautilus 2... That mod never gives up! The battery life is great, and no matter how many times I drop it, it just keeps going. As for the Nautilus, I really like being able to choose between a 0.7 and 1.8 ohm coil, and the airflow control on it is fantastic. They both look great together as well.

        What's the most commonly asked question in the vape shop?

        'Can you help me open my tank?' The answer is yes! If you're ever struggling with an over-tightened tank, just grab a USB cable, wrap it once around the base, and pinch the ends together. Then, holding it upside down, turn the tank, and it should come undone no problem.

        Top Tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond! 

        That would be: never be embarrassed to ask questions. Every vaper started out somewhere, and they continued to vape because they asked questions to work out the best set up for their needs. Before you start looking into it, vaping can seem scary and complicated, but if the right person takes you through it, you'll see how easy it is, and you could change your life for the better.

        If you're a London vaper and want to check out your local Vape and Juice Ecig store, you can find our London vape shops in Islington, Highgate, Enfield, Barking, Clapham and Hackney Central. 

        Our experts are on hand to help everyone from first timers to absolute vaping aficionado's!

        Vape and Juice London

        Hope to see you soon online and offline, that is all from this edition of 'Face behind the clouds' from the UK's best local vape juice shop - Vape and Juice.

        New Vape and Juice ecig Shop in Clapham High Street April 04 2017, 0 Comments

        Good news vapers! London just got a new vape shop on Clapham High Street.

        Vape and juice Clapham offers a wide variety of high quality juices, devices and mods to suit both novice vapers and hobbyist vapers. So whether you’re building your own coils, or simply stocking up on juices to quit smoking, you’ll find what you need at the newest vape shop in Clapham.

        We’re proud to be stocking some fantastic juice brands, including Vampire Vape, Grinny Heaths, Pink Label and 12 Monkeys (to name a few!) so if you’re wanting to try out something new before you buy then stop by the vape shop in Clapham for a free taster.

        You can drop into the Clapham Vape Shop to hear the latest news in the community over a coffee, or enjoy a drink from the well stocked fridges and try some of the new flavours and devices on offer. Vape and Juice Clapham is undoubtedly the place to vape, chill and chat- oh and we have free wi-fi too!

        You’ll find the shop right by KFC, you can’t miss it. The shop interior is creative, cool and stylish,  just like our other vape shops in Essex, Kent and London. Why not stop by and have a nose next time you’re looking for a vape shop in Clapham?

        We’ll be open seven days per week and the full address is 110 Clapham high street, London, SW4 7UJ.

        We look forward to welcoming you in the store at Vape and Juice Clapham!


        'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Charlie at Canvey Island March 30 2017, 0 Comments

        It's that time again! Here's this weeks episode of 'The Face Behind the Clouds' and another opportunity to get to learn a little bit more about the Vape and Juice team. 

        This week we're in Canvey Island and we'll be chatting to our man Charlie. Lets get this show on the road; over to you Charlie! 

        Vape and Juice Canvey Island

        How did you get in to vaping?

        Way back in 2012 I noticed a small stall had opened near me selling cigalikes, so I took the plunge and bought a starter kit.  I quickly noticed the benefits of vaping, but also the cost of buying the replacement cartridges, so I moved onto a CE4 kit (and then a K1 style ego tank). I used that for a good 12-18 months (whilst still indulging in the odd crafty ciggy). 

        By this time the market had moved on dramatically, Aspire had brought out the Nautilus and Atlantis, so I snapped up both of those along with the eleaf 50 watt. The rest is history.

        Vape and Juice Canvey

        2) What is your favourite flavour Charlie?

        I'm a bit old school and always keep a tank of good old' B&L (tobacco), handy for my morning coffee, after my dinner, or on a big night out.  Apart from that it's tough to choose but I like anything melon based! Zap's Melonade or Naked All Melon are always in reaching distance at the moment.  Naughty juice's Dragons Milk, any of the Lolly Vape Co. Range, Flavour Cloud's Berry Blast, Sherlock Ohms Bohemian Scandal (apple pie). I could go on and on. 

        3) What is your favourite vape set up?

        My favourite combo when I am out and about is my Aspire Pockex and my eleaf iCare, both are so discreet. The iCare is the size of a lighter and the Pockex is sleek, stylish and gives great flavour.  You can check out our iCare video review below -

        When I am at home or in the shop, for performance and flavour it doesn't get much better than my Wismec RX2/3 and Cleito 120. Saying that my Nautilus and Vaporesso Target are never far away (I can't wait to get my hands on the Nautilus 2).

        4) Most commonly asked question's

        5) Top Tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond! 

        GET IN WHILE YOU CAN! If you enjoy big vape tanks for big vape clouds or just the convenience of not having to fill up regularly, snap yours up before May 20th, because after that date the whole industry will be limited to selling only 2ml capacity tanks. Personally I will be picking up an extra Nautilus 5ml and Cleito 120 at least.

        Other than that, don't believe everything you read online, don't be afraid to ask in store and happy vaping one and all. 

        Best practices for vaping safely March 28 2017, 0 Comments

        Are you worried about your vape pen exploding? Have you read the scare stories (and seen the pictures) and now find yourself googling what causes vapes to explode?

        It has to be said, a very small number of vape devices actually do explode, and if you’re getting them from a legit brand and using them in the correct way, then you should be fine.

        Just to be on the safe side, here are a few things you should avoid:

        • Using the wrong charger for the device

        When you buy your device it should come with a charger. This is the charger you should use for your device. While your mates phone charger might fit in the hole, the voltage could be too high for the battery to handle.

        • Buying cheap knock offs

        The device you want is cheaper on ebay- it looks the same, you just have to wait for it to be delivered from God knows where. Buy a device made by a reputable brand, from a reputable shop. Also remember, buy cheap and you’ll buy twice!

        • Keeping it on charge for too long

        When you charge your device it will probably get a little warm. Your battery should only need charging for approximately an hour, so no need to keep it on overnight or anything. If you’re worrying about what causes vapes to explode then overcharging is certainly one to avoid.

        • Charging it next to flammable items

        If your vape is getting super hot when you charge it then take it back to the shop, and don’t leave it close to anything flammable!

        • Holding your fire button down for too long

        Holding down the fire button or chain vaping can cause the atomizer to get pretty heated. If you find your device burning up, turn it off and leave it to cool down (not close to anything flammable). An overheated atomizer probably won’t cause a vape pen explosion, however it could burn out your device. Also remember to click the button to turn the device off - otherwise it could go off in your pocket.

        • Skipping the instructions

        Instructions are boring, but necessary… Just check what the manufactures say about where to store your device (probably best to keep it out of direct sunlight and hot cars!)

        Still worried about the causes of vape explosions? Stop by one of the Vape and Juice shops to get some advice on what device will suit you. All the devices we stock adhere to production standards. Thanks for reading! 

        Do vapes explode? March 22 2017, 0 Comments

        First things first lets point out one extremely important fact. Ecigs do not explode, batteries do.

        Looking at the relatively minuscule number of vape explosions that do occur, nearly all of these relate to ‘mech mod’ style vaping devices, through the batteries that power them. As you may know there are several types of vaping devices, and mechanical mods are drastically less common, catering to the more hands-on, hobbyist vapers.  

        So what’s occurring?

        Point 1 - Mech mods don't carry supplementary electronics that properly regulate the power being sent from the battery to heat the vape coils. Battery safety knowledge is therefore fundamental for making sure a mech mod device works suitably and is safe.

        Point 2 - The 18650 battery used in mech mods is the most cloned battery in the entire battery industry. Why? This battery is one of the most commonly used batteries in laptops. It's been in circulation for many years now and there are masses of these older laptop power packs waiting to be recycled.

        Point 3 - Naive users are carrying these batteries around in their pockets. Exposed batteries and a bunch of keys or coins are a dangerous combination, so it’s essential you invest in a battery case like the one shown here.

        On the flip side to unregulated mech mods are the widely used regulated vape mods. These vape kits don't have the above safety issues as they regulate the battery output based on the ohm, voltage and wattage. To my knowledge, no battery has ever exploded in a regulated vape device. Anti-vaping media has portrayed this as an industry wide ecig risk with all vapers being vulnerable, when in reality it’s a problem with a tiny number of mech mods only. This is generally caused by user error, be it the incorrect atomiser used, or an old and unwrapped battery on it’s last legs. 

        A few points on 18650 batteries for your mech mod vape kit:

        • These batteries were not built for the ‘swap in/out’ use of of a portable vaping device. They simply are not durable enough.
        • Batteries can overheat if you aren’t matching your batteries to the power output your coils require correctly.
        • The wrapper might start to peel and result in the battery leaking.
        • The batteries can dent easily, causing shorts or bad contact with the atomiser pin.

        If you are going to use a mechanical mod, you absolutely have to understand and apply ohms law and ensure the batteries you use are safe and genuine. A lot of people are using batteries that cannot handle the amperage requirements for vaping with a subohm build. When you draw more amps than a battery can handle, the battery overheats. When it overheats, it vents various gasses and flames. Then it explodes.

        How to avoid an ecig blowing up? 

        1. If you are using a mechanical mod, you must be aware of the amp load and resistance of your build. Lower ohms means higher amp output.
        2. Battery wrappers must be intact. The entire surface of the battery is live and if the wrapper is torn, you're almost guaranteed to have the battery short.
        3. Always check for and use genuine batteries like these.
        4. Don’t carry your exposed batteries around in your pocket under any circumstances. Use a battery case and be safe!

        Vape battery case

        All electronic devices that carry batteries have the potential to vent. Sadly it’s the ones that relate to ecigs that make it on to the news. This is mainly because vaping isn't popular with tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies and governments. Did you know that lit cigarettes are one of the biggest and most prolific causes of domestic house fires here in the UK? That's a fact that's often overlooked in the midst of ecig scaremongering. 

        In short, bad things can happen when people use batteries and mechanical mods without the proper knowledge and precautions. If you're thinking of playing with mech mods, I recommend you do your research first, even if you've tinkered with electronics before, in order to fully understand what you're getting into.

        As always you can stop by one of our UK vape stores and ask one of our vape experts any questions you might have. We have vape stores in London as well as vape shops in Essex and Kent. Check out our store locator here or speak to us using the live chat box on our website. Be safe and vape on! 



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