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How to add nicotine shots September 20 2017, 0 Comments

How to add 'nic shots' (Nicotine shots)

How do you add nicotine shots?

Mixing your own vape liquid is about to get big time, so you’ll probably be keen to know how to add nicotine shots. This shift over to DIY e-liquid is due to the TPD regulations that have come into force on May 20th 2017. The regs mean that retailers can no longer sell 30ml, 60ml, 100ml+ juices (unless they’re nicotine free…)

What is a nicotine shot?   

The way get around the 10ml juice restriction is to add your own nicotine shots to larger nicotine free flavours. We are now selling flavourless nicotine shots purposely for people create their own bigger bottles. Because, let’s face it, when we’re on a night out, or going to work, we don’t want to be carrying around those mini bottles of juice. Plus, it isn’t cost effective.  

You can buy nic shots here for £3.00, then get yourself a juice from concentrate (cherry one here) for £7.99. So once you have worked out how to add nicotine shots it will be well worth it in terms of getting a great deal on the price!   

So, exactly how do you add nicotine shots to get the right strength?

You’ll need to do a little bit of basic maths to get your desired strength of e-liquid.

Here’s how to make 3MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:  

30 ml bottle of flavourless juice = ½ 10ml bottle the nicotine shot

60 ml bottle of  flavourless juice = 1 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot


Here’s how to make 6MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:

30 ml bottle of flavourless juice = 1 x 10ml bottle the nicotine shot

60 ml bottle of  flavourless juice = 2 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot


Here’s how to make 9MG liquid by adding nicotine shots:

20 ml bottle of flavourless juice = 1 x 10ml bottle the nicotine shot

60 ml bottle of  flavourless juice = 3 x 10ml bottle of nicotine shot

When you add nicotine shots you can get creative and come up with your own blend of PG:VG along with the amount of nicotine you take.

Have we answered what you need to know about how to add nicotine shots? If not, stop by one of the Vape and Juice stores to find out more!

What you need for Stoptober and how to start vaping September 19 2017, 0 Comments

Quit smoking how to start vaping Stoptober

Habits are tough to get out of however big or small they might be. Breaking a habit like smoking is seriously hard, and you might have tried and failed in the past. We get asked a lot how to start vaping and none more so than during Stoptober. But don't worry. This year is your year to quit smoking, start vaping, and to make you feel healthier and smell a whole lot better!

Lots of people choose to quit in October, and in January too. A great reason to join in the 'Stoptober' bandwagon is that you will have fellow smokers who are also trying to quit there to support you. 

If you plan on quitting the cigs and picking up the vape, then there are a few of our top tips and what you need to prepare. So here's how to start vaping.

  • Buy enough juice

Don’t just buy the one juice when you start, stock up with 3 or 4 and reorder when you have one left. Get into this habit as then you won't find yourself out of juice and scrounging a cig off of your mate.

  • Get your friends involved

Support when you are breaking a habit, or starting to make a new one is crucial. You need people around you who understand why you are quitting and maybe even want to quit smoking themselves. This way they won’t tempt you with ciggies on nights out, or make comments that are less than supportive with your quit smoking mission.

  • Get a spare battery

Just like you need the extra juices, you need a spare battery. Even if it is just a bog standard vape pen as a back up. It will be better to have that in your car than a back up rollie and a lighter.

  • Try everything in store

When you first buy your device and e-juice ask for advice from the team. They’ll be able to tell you what strength you need, what PG:VG ratio will work for you and which device is going to suit your lifestyle and needs. Try devices and give some different juices a go before you commit.

  • Get your kit ready for the 1st

Last thing you want is to be scrabbling about on the 1st of October looking for a vape shop, or waiting for your online order to be delivered. You might find that you end up reaching for just one last fag... Make sure you are all set and good to go before the day you are actually going to quit smoking.

  • Don’t beat yourself up

If you go out for a few drinks and forget that you quit smoking and wake up with a raspy throat and stinky clothes from chaining it, don't worry! Just pick up from where you left off, it isn’t the end of the world and throwing in the towel all together isn’t going to help you to finally quit smoking.

Hopefully this little post has given you a better understanding of how to start vaping and what to know for Stoptober.

If you want to start vaping now, then why not check out our range of starter vape kits here.

Acheter du jus de vapeur avec de la nicotine en Suisse / Vape Saft mit Nikotin in der Schweiz kaufen September 19 2017, 0 Comments

Si vous êtes un transporteur suisse, vous serez conscient que vous 
ne pouvez pas acheter du jus vapeur avec de la nicotine en Suisse.
Chez Vape et Juice, nous sommes en mesure d'envoyer des saveurs de
haute qualité, savoureuses et uniques du Royaume-Uni directement en
Suisse. Nous stockons des jus vapeurs avec différentes qualités de nicotine,
de 0mg à 18mg. Vous pouvez également choisir de mélanger vos propres
tirs de nicotine et de bénéficier de votre propre jus de 30 ml. Nous
pourrons expédier du jus vapeur avec de la nicotine en Suisse en
quelques jours seulement. Le Magasin de Vape Le Royaume-Uni est l'un des pays à l'avant-garde de la scène de vapeur.
Ici à Vape et Juice, nous vendons une variété de saveurs différentes
inspirées par le Royaume-Uni, telles que Elderflower Presse, les
fruits de saison britanniques, les fraises et la crème, la limonade
rose et beaucoup d'autres. Vous n'avez peut-être pas connu de tels
jus de vapeur qui contiennent de la nicotine en Suisse, afin que
vous puissiez vous faire plaisir! Nous ne stockons que les marques et les jus de la plus haute qualité,
avec quelque chose qui convient aux goûts et aux appareils de tous.
Nous avons différents ratios de PG: VG afin que vous puissiez obtenir
la vapeur la plus satisfaisante. Nos vapeurs sont essayés par notre
équipe de vapers chevronnés, afin que vous sachiez que lorsque vous
aurez un jus de vapeur expédié en Suisse, cela sera d'une grande
qualité. Chez Vape et Juice, nous vendons des appareils aussi. Vous pouvez
obtenir n'importe quoi à partir d'un kit de démarrage basique, jusqu'à
un mod de boîte. Si vous êtes en train de construire vos propres
bobines et de modifier votre appareil, nous avons tout ce dont vous
avez besoin pour cela. Si vous ne savez pas ce dont vous avez besoin
de Vape et Juice envoyés en Suisse, demandez à l'une de nos équipes
sur la fenêtre de discussion sur le site. Nous pouvons rapidement envoyer votre jus de vapeur avec de la
nicotine en Suisse et vous l'aurez entre vos mains en quelques jours
seulement. Avec une telle sélection de saveurs fantastiques, les
rapports PG: VG et les jus de vapeur de nicotine et de nicotine à
choisir parmi vous seront gâtés pour le choix.

Check out our Vape Juices page and find your flavour.



Why does vaping give me a dry mouth? September 19 2017, 0 Comments

Why do I get a dry mouth when I vape?

Have you ever noticed after vaping or using your ecig, you get a dry mouth, even sometimes a headache? Well we wanted to know why so we did a little research ourselves and got to the bottom of this.

But first, here's a picture of a glass of water - why not grab one now.

dry mouth when i vape headaches ecigs

Dry Mouth:

Eliquid is primarily made up of a handful of elements, one of these being PG. Propylene Glycol. PG as it is known, is a harmless solution used in a range of products, ostensibly to make those products safer in the case of some household products in case children drink them, but also as a preservative in products such as Ice Cream. The US Food and Drug Administration, regards PG as generally safe for humans and has a very low toxicity. But it is this preservative feature that causes the dry mouth when vaping. PG is referred to as a Hygroscopic compound. This means it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air, or from any other source. What this means, is when vaping, the PG vapour absorbs the moisture in your mouth, the saliva and binds to it. This leaves your mouth feeling dry, if you don't have a glass of water to hand. 

Its as simple as that. So you might be thinking, "I vape high VG though" - well just like its PG sibling, Vegetable Glycerol has the same hygroscopic qualities, which causes dry mouth also.

So what's the solution - very simply, drink water when vaping. In fact drink water anyway, as an absence of water in the body can lead to a host of health problems, water is the best liquid we can drink to rehydrate our human selves at any time. Which leads us on to the next question.....

Sometimes I get headaches when I vape

If you are experiencing a dry mouth and are not replacing fluids gradually, your body will begin to feel a little dehydrated. Your body is 90% water and your brain 80% - letting that figure drop by even a few percent, can begin to cause you headaches. Once again, you can deal with this by remembering to take in fluids throughout the course of the day. Your body can only absorb small quantities of water at any given time, or the remainder will sit in your belly leaving you feeling bloated. Small amounts and regular.

So there you have it, some simple answers for regularly asked questions, 'why do I get a dry mouth when I vape' and 'why do I get headaches with Ecigs'. If headaches persist, you may want to visit your Doctor and see if there are not any underlying issues related to other areas.

If this has been a useful article, please share it on with others. If you would like to speak to someone from Vape and Juice in person, why not visit one of our vape and ecig shops near you, in Basildon, Brentwood, Clacton, Colchester, Canterbury, Margate, Leigh on Sea, Southend Victoria, Southchurch Road, Winchmore Hill, Highgate and Archway. Or check out our store locator here:

Are you looking for the best e-liquid in Canada? September 19 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking for the best e-liquid in Canada? Are you bored of the same flavours and fancy something a little different? Are you wondering: "Do vape shops in the UK ship to Canada?" Then the answer is "Yes we do, eh" 

Vape and Juice has a wide range of unique, 'Best of British' flavours. You find everything from crisp green apple, to elderflower (Pink Label is an ejuice brand worth checking out), blackberry and more. The juices we stock are inspired by the flavours of Britain and events in the UK, so while Canada might be 10000 miles away from London you’ll feel like you’re sat watching wimbledon while vaping your strawberries and cream e-liquid.

We have seriously high standards when it comes to e-liquid and we will only send the best over to you in Canada, when you order online at Vape and Juice. All our team members try and test every juice we sell to make sure that it is top quality and gives a clean and crisp vape. The juices are manufactured in places with standards to match our own. Why not check out our new line Ripe Co and we will ship to Canada.

Our e-liquids come in different nicotine strengths to suit your needs best in Canada. We have juice in anything from 0mg right through to 18mg, enabling you to gradually go down in strength, so don't think just because we are a UK vape shop that you can't get in on the action, as Vape and Juice is a vape shop website that most certainly ships to Canada.

We also sell a number of different devices, from your starter kits right through to your high end and premium devices, that you might not find in Canada. We stock top brands including Smok, Innokin, PAX, Wismec, Joyetech, Aspire and more. We also have all the accessories, whether you’re just buying fresh coils to keep that crisp clean vape, a new tank, or building your own coils, you’ll find what you need at Vape and Juice a vape site that ships to Canada.

If you’re looking for the best e-liquid in Canada then you should try some from the UK, and indulge in a flavour you’d never find locally. We ship vape juices to Canada. We are proud to stock the best of British brands and flavours and have no doubt that you’ll  love them as much as we do!

How to move on to vaping September 07 2017, 0 Comments

With more and more studies coming out about how much better for you vaping is than smoking cigarettes, you have decided it is time for you to move on to vaping.

However, you’re not quite sure how to make the transition - without making a huge deal out of it to everyone around you. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how to move on to vaping and away from the fags, with success.

Don’t buy a ‘cigalike’ device

Okay, so these devices are the same shape and size as the cigarette you’ve been puffing on for years, but trust me when I say, this is not going to satisfy your craving, or give you a positive experience of vaping. The battery doesn’t last long, there isn’t enough of a ‘throat hit’ and it will leave you feeling rather unsatisfied. Buy a device that you have tried in a shop and enjoyed. You don’t need to go really fancy with your device when you first move on to vaping, however you need one that is going to be good enough for you not to turn back on it. Try the T18E or the Eleaf icare - these are just a couple of brilliant little starter kits.

Join the conversation  

Follow the hashtag #vapelife on instagram and you’ll be sure to find a whole community of vapers to inspire and inform you on new devices, juices and techniques (if you want to get really into your vaping!) Chat to other vapers online and ask questions, this will help you feel a part of the vaping community- do cigarettes have that?

Try liquids

When you first move on to vaping make sure that you try a range of different juices, from fruity ones to more puddingy ones, along with standard tobacco flavour. Try different VG:PG ratios too, if you’re unsure what ratio is best for you and your device then ask someone in store to help.

Careful not to chain vape

When you move on to vaping you’ll probably start doing it in the house, even if you never smoked inside the house previously. This might tempt you to chain vape when you’re watching TV or chilling out at home. Vape still contains nicotine which might make you feel a little sick and headachy if you over do it.  

Go easy

If you have been smoking for ages then there are deeply ingrained habits to change, which can take time. Be patient with forming these new habits, if you still need to have that cigarette now and then that doesn’t mean that you have failed. I know people who have slowly phased out the ciggies (after 40 years of smoking) and gradually introduced the vape. Do what works best for you when you move on to vaping.

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas for how to move on to vaping, if you still need some more advice then stop by one of our stores for a chat.

Vaping in Thailand August 24 2017, 0 Comments

Is vaping bad for you? Is Vaping Safe? July 28 2017, 0 Comments

Is vaping safe - is vaping bad for you?

Let’s start with a fact: Smoking tobacco is bad for you. Smoking is a leading cause of cancer and deadly lung conditions, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. With more and more people switching to vaping, it has had many people asking the question, “is vaping bad for you like smoking is?”

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, 70 of which are seriously dangerous to your health. Vaping doesn’t produce theses chemicals or toxic smoke like ciggies, so there is no evidence based research that would lead you to asking the question is vaping bad for your health.

When a smoker inhales tobacco smoke it causes damage to the lungs, leading to reduced function. Smokers lungs also produce more mucous, and when this doesn’t clear it is the cause of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Not nice and it will certainly keep you awake at night - and your partner/neighbours too.

It isn’t only the lungs that you are damaging through smoking though. Smoking tobacco damages the lining of your arteries which in turn leads to a build-up of fatty material, narrowing the artery. This can cause a heart attack or stroke. You can also risk blood clots and reduced oxygen in the blood.

Your vape device doesn’t produce smoke, it is a mix of PG and VG and there is currently no evidence to suggest that vaping these substances is bad for you. You might have heard scare stories about a disease called popcorn lung which people suggested might affect you when you vape certain flavours. However, there has never been a vaper diagnosed with the condition.

So when you’re considering is vaping bad for you or not, think about the alternative. Vaping has been said to be 95% safer than smoking, and with smoking causing around 46,000 deaths from cancer and 28,000 from respiratory disease in the UK, plus an estimated 20,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease, each year, it feels like a no brainer for what to switch to.

If you are a smoker, then the best thing to do for your health is to stop. Vaping is a proven way to stop smoking, with millions of people replacing the ciggs for a vape everyday. Some people read research from Cancer Research and other reputable sources to determine an answer to the question ‘is vaping bad for you’, and come to their own, informed, conclusions. You can read their research on the health impacts of vaping here.  

If you’re worried about whether vaping is bad for you or not then stop by one of our stores to hear about the latest research and maybe even try out a device.  Check out our link here if you are new to vaping for more information in our graphic If you are convinced that vaping is the right thing for you to quit smoking, why not check out some of our starter vaping kits here.

What are the ongoing costs of vaping? July 13 2017, 0 Comments

Once you have brought your device you have made your first investment. You might have gone for a basic starter kit, or you may have found that a higher end device that suits you better.

From here on out, you’ll find that vaping is much much less of an expense than smoking, however there are some ongoing costs with vaping that you will want to know about. That being said, even with the ongoing costs, it’s still considerably cheaper, and better for your health, than smoking is.

Clearomisers and coils

You can get yourself a disposable clearomiser for just a few pounds, however over time it is more cost effective to get one with a coil you can change. Disposable clearomisers can last anything from a couple of days to a month, or even longer, this depends on how often you vape, and what device you have. However, if you’re looking to save money in the long run then opt for the option where you can replace the coils. You can buy coils in bulk so you always have some handy. On average you’ll spend between £5-10 a month on coils for your device. 


Part of the ongoing cost of vaping is the e-liquid. You can get some great deals including 3 for £10 which should last you a few weeks, again, depending on how much you vape and the device you are using. Juice can range anywhere from £4 to £5 for a 10ml bottle. Click here to see our range of e-liquid. 

A spare battery

It might be a good idea to have a spare battery in case yours breaks or to use while your main one is charging. You may even chose to have a day vape for work and then one for at home or for when you go on a night out.

A new device

This isn’t really an ongoing cost of vaping, however chances are, as you get more into the vaping scene you will want to upgrade your device, or maybe even have a spare. You might find that you want to make big clouds and modify your device by making your own coils. This will incur ongoing costs for your vaping hobby, but still nowhere near the price of smoking.

So there are ongoing costs of vaping, just as with smoking (new lighters every week…) however, it will set you back much less in the long run!

Quit smoking, start vaping!

What does PG and VG mean? July 13 2017, 0 Comments

You might have seen on your vape juice the letters PG and VG and be wondering what they mean, and whether you should worry about the ratios of the two.

For starters, what does PG and VG mean in relation to vaping?

These initials stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, and they are the odourless liquid which is combined with nicotine and flavour to create your favourite e-liquid. While these chemicals are alcohol, they won’t give the same effect as drinking vodka. When heated, PG and VG creates vapour, albeit with different consistencies.

As well as the different consistencies, PG and VG create different taste, mouth and throat feelings to the vapour, which is why people tend to chose different ratios to suit different devices and preferences. When you first start vaping make sure you try different ratios before you buy so that they’re right for your device and personal taste.

Now you know what PG and VG does mean, you will want to know which ratio you should choose.

Throat hitters - If you love the throat hit you get from vaping then choose a liquid with a higher PG content that also contains nicotine.

Smooth hitters- If you want a smoother throat hit then opt for a juice with a high VG ratio. If you can’t quite get the flavour then bump up the power on your device, but be warned, push too far and you might get a dry hit, not nice.

Low key vapers - If you’re vaping somewhere public and don’t want to disturb others with big clouds then choose high PG liquids as they produce less vape.

Chasing the clouds - If you’re looking to be the next cloud chasing champ, or are keen to learn some tricks then choose a high VG liquid which creates the dense clouds you need for this.

If you need any more advice on what does PG and VG mean, then pop in one of our shops to hear from our experts. They’ll be able to show you juices and how they work in different devices for the best vape experience.

Time to Try the Great British E-liquids July 13 2017, 0 Comments

The United Kingdom is at the forefront of the vape scene, with British people switching from cigarettes to vaping faster than any other country in Europe. In fact, an EY report says that ‘over the last four years the British have switched to vaping at the rate of one person every four minutes.’

While the UK didn’t invent the ecig, we certainly modified the traditional vape pen, such as the box and mech mods, to help make vaping an even more enjoyable experience.

To keep up with the demand and requirements of our British vapers, here in the UK we have been creating and making premium liquids in environments with high standards. Drawing inspiration from our country, English fruits, British events and UK traditions, we have developed unique great British e-liquid flavours that offer a fantastic unique taste and the quality to match.

Amongst our great British e-liquids you’ll find something a little different to what you’re used to outside of the UK, at a much lower cost.

Here are a few British e-liquids that you need to try.

Elderflower Presse

This fresh tasting e-juice gives the English flavour of elderflower, apple, mint and vanilla.

Sherlock Ohms Bohemian Scandal

A taste to transport you to a sunny day watching tennis at Wimbledon. This flavour is a true English classic, featuring sweet ripe Strawberries with lashings of fresh cream.

Are you Smugglin’ Berries?

A new juice from Grinny Heath, perfect for those wanting a new fruit flavour combo. This flavour is an ice cold fusion of tangy blackcurrants, crisp apples and ripe strawberries.

Pink Lemonade

A classic British flavour: pink, sweet and bubbly lemonade. This blend of raspberries, lemons, orange and sugar syrup will taste like nothing you’ve had in your tank before.  

Does that selection of great British e-juice flavors spark your interest? Good news for those overseas, these quality great British e-liquids are available to be shipped internationally, at a fantastic price.

Try something new and transport yourself overseas each time you vape.

What is the best vape starter kit? July 13 2017, 0 Comments

You’ve decided that it’s about that time, time to quit smoking.

You want to save money, improve your health and see what all the fuss is about with vaping.

However, you’ve seen people vaping with big box devices, smaller vape pens and everything in between. Now you are left confused about what the best vape starter kit is.

We get asked all the time by newbie vapers “what is the best starter kit?” So we’re here to help you discover what you should go for and why. Here are a few starter kits that we think would be best for someone new to the vape community.

  1. Eleaf iCare

This device is one of the best vape starter kits, because while it is simple with no buttons and no ability to make adjustments to airflow/voltage, it packs a pretty good punch. You’ll no doubt get the desired ‘throat hit’ with this device with its output of 15 watts. 

What I liked about this vape starter kit is how small it is. It’s ideal to take on a night out as it will fit in your pocket or bag without being too bulky.

Find out more about the iCare here.

  1. Innokin Endura T18-E Starter Kit

The best way to describe this vape starter kit is a ‘step up’. If you want to skip past the smaller devices and make a little more of an investment then the Innokin Endura T18-E is for you. With this best vape starter kit you’ll get: longer battery life, no overheating on the mouthpiece, 2ml liquid capacity (so you’re not constantly filling up), Prism Airflow Technology and a better pull.

Find out more about the T18-E here.

  1. Innokin Endura T22-E

Another one of the best vape starter kits comes from Innokin. You’ll find this device looks just as sleek as the T18, with a Pyrex and stainless steel 2ml tank and the choice of a blue, silver or black battery. This device will give you slightly longer battery life than the T18 with 2000Mah of battery capacity. You’ll find it super easy to use, that it gives that desired ‘throat hit’ and looks pretty cool too.

 Find out more about the T22-E here

  1. Aspire X30 Rover

If you’re looking for the best of the best starter kit then you might want to consider the X Rover. Not only does it look smart, it gives you a great full flavour vape, and has a neat display to tell you how much battery you have left and what the wattage is set at.

Treat yourself to the X30 Rover here

If you’d like to know more about what the best vape starter kit is for you, then drop in one of our stores! Check out our store locator to find your local Vape and Juice 




Vaping in Ibiza - do's and don'ts. July 13 2017, 0 Comments

The season for summer holidays is almost upon us and many vapers will be packing up and heading to the white island of Ibiza. If you’re planning on taking your vape on holiday, which I’m sure you are, then take note of these vaping in Ibiza do’s and don’ts. They will help you to get through security and have that first vape in the sun without a hitch.

Do check with your airline/airport

Before you pack, check with the airline whether you can take your vape through customs or if it will be better placed in your hold luggage. Rules might be different with each airline/airport so make sure that you take the time to find an up to date resource on their website, or give them a call.

Don’t hide it

If you are able to take your device in your carry-on and through security then make sure that it is on display in one of those plastic bags ready to go through the scanner. If you try to hide it then it might look suspicious, holding you and everyone else up.  

Do keep your device safe

If you decide to put your device in the hold then make sure it is well protected and in a case. Opening up your case the other end only to find a damaged vape won’t be a great start to your holiday. If the worst does happen then you can stop by Vape and Juice Ibiza to get yourself a new one!

Don’t vape where you can’t

This goes for both on the plane at the airport and then when you’re on holiday. Look around for signs and only vape when you are 100% sure that you can. Be sure to respect the decisions of the bar or restaurant owners when they say no vaping or smoking. Most places in Ibiza are actually fine with you vaping, even the clubs, but it's always best to have a scope around first to see signs and if anyone else is. 


I know you might be worried that a battery will die on you and you are left vape free for the holiday, but there is no need to take 5 spares, all the juice you can carry and several chargers. Pack the devices that are portable, lightweight and long lasting. Pack enough juice but don’t go overboard, we have everything you need for vaping in Ibiza at Vape and Juice. 

Do take spare coils

On holiday you’ll probably have more access to your vape than you would if you were working all week. This might cause you to burn your coil faster than at home, so make sure you’re well stocked up on coils.

Do enjoy yourself!

There’s nothing like a vape and a cocktail in the sun to really help you relax and unwind. Enjoy it!

If you’re off to Ibiza this year then stop by Vape and Juice Ibiza; we're situated at Carrer de Sant Antoni, 10, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain. We look forward to seeing you! 


Where can I buy e-liquid with nicotine in Finland? July 13 2017, 0 Comments

Can’t buy the e-liquid you need in Finland? Bored of vaping the same old flavour?

If you’re looking for something a little different to fill up your tank with then you might be interested in something from the Great British e-juice collection at Vape and Juice.

Our juices draw inspiration from English fruits, British events and twists on the traditions you associate with the United Kingdom. We have juices that will transport you to watching a game of tennis at Wimbledon, think strawberries with lashings of whipped cream, or enjoying the horse races at Royal Ascot, think Prosecco or Elderflower Presse.

We are able to ship out high quality, premium e-liquid to you in Finland, at a very reasonable price. Stock your cupboards up with unique flavours and fill your tank with quality e-liquid that will get your taste buds tingling in Finland.  

All of our juices are made in the UK with quality ingredients at places with the highest of standards. The e-juices we stock are all tried and tested by vapers who know their e-liquid, for that truly great vape experience. 

You can select the nicotine concentration of your e-liquid in all of our flavours and have it sent right to your home in Finland in just a matter of days. 

Why not try an e-liquid you wouldn’t usually find in Finland that will transport you to the front row at Wimbledon, or to having a cup of English tea and custard cream biscuits?

Visit our juice collection here 

How to cure vapers tongue! July 12 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever been vaping your favourite flavour only to find that it tastes of nothing and your tongue actually feels a little sore and even quite numb?

 Firstly, don’t worry! While it is not pleasant, this is not a permanent thing, you just have a case of vaper's tongue, something which can be cured.

What is vaper's tongue?

Vaper’s tongue will feel like you can’t taste the flavour of the vape juice, or the flavour is seriously diminished. It happens to most vapers at some point and can last from one to three days, however there are some ways to speed up the process

How to cure vaper's tongue

There have been numerous remedies to help speed up the return of your taste buds. Here are a few things to try in order to cure vapers tongue quickly.

     1. Mix it up

Okay, I know it can be hard to move away from your favorite flavour and switch over to something completely different, however this can help cure vaper’s tongue! You never know, it might even open your eyes to a whole new set of flavours. Try going for something stronger in taste too.

  1. Suck a lemon

This can help to reset your taste buds. If this is too sour for you then try smelling fresh coffee beans, a technique used by wine tasters and perfumers to help reset the sense of taste.

  1. Drink water

Water will clear the palette and rehydrate you, two things which you need to keep your eye on if you are a regular vaper.

  1. Give it time to heel

I know it is frustrating and you’re reading this blog thinking “I just want a cure for vaper's tongue, fast!” however, sometimes all your body needs is a little time to rest and reset. Be patient.

  1. Knock dual vaping on the head

If you smoke and vape, then try quitting the ciggies for a week to see if it makes a difference. This might even push you to take that final step to being a full time non smoker!

  1. Lay off the vape… for a few days

Take a day or two off the vape. Bet you’re not so keen on this one of the ways to cure vaper’s tongue, however think of how good the flavour will be when you reunite!

Ever had vaper's tongue? How have you cured the problem?

Why not come down to our bricks and mortar stores at Vape and Juice in the UK and try out flavours before you buy. Vape and Juice shops can be found local to you in Clapham, Islington, Enfield, Highgate, Archway, Hackney, Southend on sea, Leigh on sea, Canvey Island, Chelmsford, Clacton, Colchester, Canterbury, Margate, Basildon, Barking and Brentwood. You can even find us selling the best vape juice in Ibiza, for ejuice and ecigs when you are on holiday in Spain.





Where to buy vape juice in Russia Где купить сок vape в России July 12 2017, 0 Comments


Where to buy vape juice in Russia

Где купить сок vape в России

Are you looking to buy a new brand of e-liquid in Russia? Are you tired of the flavours you have available locally and want something of a higher quality and great taste?

Вы хотите купить новый бренд электронной жидкости в России? 
Вы устали от ароматов, которые у вас есть на месте, и хотите
чего-то более высокого качества и отличного вкуса?

 Vape and Juice not only offer a range of great British flavours, we also stock only the best of the best brands, and e-liquid that is made in places with standards as high as our own. Whether you’re into cloud chasing, or just like a good clean vape, then Vape and Juice have the e-liquid ready to be sent out to you in Russia.

Vape и Juice предлагают не только широкий ассортимент британских 
вкусов, но и запасы лучших лучших брендов, а также электронные
жидкости, которые производятся в местах со стандартами, такими
же высокими, как наши собственные. Независимо от того,
находитесь ли вы в погоне за облаками или просто в хорошем
чистом виде, у Vape и Juice есть электронная жидкость, готовая к
отправке вам в Россию.


Many of our flavours are inspired by Britain, so you’ll find English fruits and classic English desserts. There are also e-liquids that are inspired from different events, such as the tennis at Wimbledon & Ascot races, to name a few. Why not buy an e-liquid tasting of Strawberries and lashings of cream and have it sent out to you in Russia to transport you to watching the Tennis at Wimbledon with every toke?

Многие из наших вкусов вдохновлены Великобританией, поэтому вы 
найдете английские фрукты и классические английские десерты.
Есть также электронные жидкости, которые вдохновлены различными
событиями, такими как теннис на гонках Уимблдон и Аскот, чтобы
назвать несколько. Почему бы не купить дегустацию электронной
жидкости из клубники и нарезки сливок, и отправил ли она вам в
Россию, чтобы вы могли каждый раз следить за теннисом на

We want our customers all over the world to have only quality e-liquid in their tank, so we only sell brands that we know, love and trust ourselves. Everything is tried and tested by our staff who really do know their stuff, meaning that you get the best and most satisfying vape when you buy an e-juice from us and have it sent to Russia.

Мы хотим, чтобы наши клиенты во всем мире имели только 
качественную электронную жидкость в своем резервуаре, поэтому мы
продаем только те бренды, которые мы знаем, любим и доверяем
себе. Все опробовано и проверено нашими сотрудниками, которые
действительно знают их вещи, а это означает, что вы получаете
лучший и самый удовлетворительный выбор, когда вы покупаете у
нас электронный сок и отправляете его в Россию.


Whether you’re into rebuilding, cloud chasing or are just trying to kick the habit of cigarettes we will have something for you. Not only do we sell the best vape juices and have them sent over to Russia, we also sell brand named devices, tools and accessories and much more. Just have a look over at our home page to see what we have for you.

Будь вы в перестройку, погоня за облаками или просто пытаетесь 
пить привычку сигарет, у нас будет что-то для вас. Мы не только
продаем лучшие сорта vape и отправляем их в Россию, но также
продаем фирменные наименования устройств, инструментов и
аксессуаров и многое другое. Просто посмотрите на нашей домашней
странице, чтобы узнать, что у нас есть для вас.

If you are ready for something brand new in your tank, such as Elderflower Presse, jam on toast, apple pie and vanilla custard or Pornstar Martini, then have a browse through the juices we have. You can rest assured that when you buy one of our high calibre e-juices we will have it in the post and off to Russia quickly.

Если вы готовы к чему-то совершенно новому в своем баке, например,
Elderflower Presse, застрянете на тосте, яблочном пироге и ванильном
заварном креме или Pornstar Martini, затем просмотрите соки, которые
у нас есть. Вы можете быть уверены, что когда вы купите один из
наших высококалиберных электронных соков, мы получим его на почте и
отправимся в Россию быстро.


Where can I buy e-liquid with nicotine in Norway? June 14 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a new flavour to vape? Have you been wondering how you can buy great tasting e-liquid with nicotine in Norway?

Good news, at Vape and Juice we’ve got you covered. 

We offer you something a little different to what you might be used to in Norway, with e-liquid flavours inspired by the Best of British. You’ll find flavours featuring classic English fruits such as blackcurrant, elderflower and strawberry. You’ll also find juices inspired by desserts and sweets, such as banoffee pie, rhubarb and custard, rice pudding and strawberry custard

Is your mouth-watering? Click here to go straight to the website. 

All of the e-liquids we stock at Vape and Juice are made in the UK and contain only high quality ingredients. Our juices are made in places with standards as high as our own, and trust us, we only like the good stuff! We taste test every flavour and brand that we sell to ensure that our customers only get the best of the best to fill up a tank.  

We send out e-liquid containing nicotine, along with vape devices and accessories to Norway at a very reasonable price. You can place your order online and it will be with you in a matter of days. 

If you’re in Norway and looking to buy quality e-liquid that will give you a new flavour and has nicotine, then head on over to our website where you can find everything you could need. 

Is second hand vaping dangerous? June 12 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever been vaping in the street, only to have someone next to you waving their arms around and huffing because there’s a vape cloud surrounding them?

Lots of people (who don’t vape) are lead to believe that second hand vaping is dangerous, just like second hand smoking has been proven to be.

However, when it comes to vaping, while the clouds that surround people might be annoying, it isn’t proven that second hand vaping is dangerous. Okay, so there have been lots of scary headlines on the topic of passive vaping but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that they’re just mights and maybes. Nothing concrete at all.

In a recent blog post by public health expert Dr. Michael Siegel, he writes “To date, there is no evidence that there is any substantial exposure to harmful chemicals in real-life situations that most adults and children encounter. On the contrary, there is evidence that second hand “vapour” dissipates rapidly and that exposure to nicotine and other chemicals is very low.”

In 2013 there was a study by a team of American and Polish scientists, who measured aerosol particles, carbon monoxide, nicotine and VOC’s from different vape pens. They found nothing to raise any concern. In the study they write: “Using an e-cigarette in indoor environments may involuntarily expose nonusers to nicotine but not to toxic tobacco-specific combustion products.” They also admit that “more research is needed to evaluate health consequences of second hand exposure to nicotine, especially among vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular conditions.”

So is second hand vaping dangerous? Does it warrant having that little lady huffing and coughing while waving her arms in an effort to disperse the cloud?


Until there is substantial evidence to say that second hand vaping is a danger to others then be respectful of where you are blowing your clouds, but know your stuff so you can fight your corner!


Can you vape in places where smoking is banned? June 12 2017, 0 Comments

In the past, vaping in places where smoking was banned used to be a bit of a grey area.

When it first gained popularity, I’d see people vaping those small vape pens on trains, in shops, cinemas, pubs and pretty much anywhere where it was illegal to light up a real cigarette.

More recently, though, I’ve noticed signs up on walls and heard tannoy announcements at train stations saying that smoking, and the use of e-cigs, is not permitted. Even while I was at the cinema, before the film came on there was the same announcement: no vaping.

Here are a few places where you definitely, 100%, cannot vape:

  • On trains and inside train stations
  • On planes (see our blog on this!)
  • Big name restaurant chains, including Starbucks, Caffè Nero, All Bar One, and KFC.
  • Sports stadiums
  • Many shops (excluding some vape shops, of course)
  • Hospital grounds in Scotland (... and lots of hospitals across the rest of the UK have enforced their own vaping rules now, too)

However, not everywhere is so strict on vaping in places where you cannot smoke. For example, in pubs and clubs there are no official laws currently in place in the UK that would legally stop you from vaping on the premises. Many pubs will usually allow you to have a pint alongside a tank of Vampire Vapes Heisenberg. 

That being said, every place has its own policies. I've been in some pubs where the bouncer will literally chuck you out by your drip tip if they see you vaping, and then other places where you can blow clouds all over the manager and they don’t even bat an eyelid.

To be on the safe side, always ask the landlord or lady.

Even if you are in a pub where you know you can vape, be courteous of those around you. Last thing you want is Mavis, quietly having her Sunday sherry, making a complaint about your clouds of vape, and leaving the pub's management with no choice but to enforce a ban.

So can you vape where smoking is banned? Sometimes. But as a rule of thumb, ALWAYS ask first.


'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Leo at our Vape Shop in Hackney Central. June 01 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a vape shop in Hackney Central? If so then look no further, because Vape and Juice Hackney is now open, to help you quit smoking in 2017. Situated less than a minute away from Hackney Central station, our newest London vape shop, stocks everything from vape starter kits, to vape mods and the best premium eliquids the vape world has to offer! Come and check us out at 244 Graham Rd, London E8 1BP.


vape shop hackney

When you arrive, you'll meet our vape expert Leo, who's based at our Hackney vape store. He's here to answer any vape questions you may have and to help you on your way to a smoke free future! 

We caught up with Leo to ask him a few questions about his vaping journey. Here's what he had to say!  

So Leo, tell us how you got in to vaping?

Hackney vape

It all started around five years ago when my friend told me that he stopped smoking thanks to the "electronic-cigarette". I was quite sceptical about it as I'd never heard any positive feedback about e-cigs. He then showed me his new device which was completely different from what I was used to (the old e-cigs with changeable "filters" and tropical fruit flavoured e-liquid.) So I decided to give it a try and got myself an eGo Twist battery with a Kangertech tank. After a few weeks of using it, I realised that I had no cravings for cigarettes any more, and decided to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in my liquids.

What is your best eliquid?

I'm a fruity flavour guy. Even though I love to change flavours very often, Bad Blood by Nasty Juice is most often in my pocket. Other memorable flavours would be Melonade by ZAP! which is my go to choice during hot sunny days, as well as Strawberry Banana Waffle by Double Drip during cosy evenings in when it's cold outside.

What is your favourite vape kit?

My go to set up for quite some time has been my asMODus Minikin 2 coupled with a CSMNT postless RDA by District F5ve. I love the minimalistic design of the set up and how nice it feels in the hand. 

What is the most commonly asked question you get asked, working in a vape store in London?

"Isn't it dangerous?"

Many people have heard of vapes exploding, and unfortunately it gives the vaping industry a bad name. However, all of these cases were down to the two mistakes some people make. Here are some tips on how to avoid them:

  1. Never buy items from unlicensed sellers. eBay has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a vaping device, but a lot of them are fake. Fake products are usually made with cheap materials and have bad build quality. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Know your battery safety, especially if you are going down the mechanical mod route. And buy batteries only from respected brands and shops.



What is your top tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond?

Enjoy your vape! The reason you’ve made this switch is to enjoy it, so do so. I look forward to seeing you at our Hackney Central vape store in the near future! 


How to Make Big Vape Clouds May 22 2017, 0 Comments

Bored of that little puff of vapour that you get from a basic e-cig? If you are looking at making some big vape clouds, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we’re going to give you our top tips for ‘cloud chasing’.

First off, what is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is more than just vaping... it’s an actual sport these days, with competitions and everything! It's where vapers work on their mods and atomisers to enable them to blow the largest amount of vapour. There are devices which already make big clouds in their own right, but there are also ways to enhance the amount of vapour produced.

Now let’s look at how to make big vape clouds.

The Right Atomiser:

If you want big clouds, then you’re going to want to pick up a low resistance sub-ohm atomiser (AKA: tank) such as the Innokin iSub VE or the Aspire Clieto.

Since there are different levels of sub-ohm tank, requiring different levels of power, the iSub VE is a good place to start out - it's compatible with a selection of coils that are available in varieties that can be fired at a relatively low wattage when compared to other sub-ohm tanks.

If you're looking to up the ante a little, you could opt for the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast (mid power range) or the Aspire Cleito 120 (high power range). These tanks take lower resistance coils, which will be compatible with thicker juices that provide more vapour, and take more power to fire. The Cleito 120 in particular has a large coil that replaces the traditional chimney often found in tanks, which will also help to provide bigger clouds. 

Please note that you will need to have a device that packs enough punch for sub-ohm resistances; mods such as the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 or the Smok G150 are both appropriate, alongside many others that we sell.

Set the Airflow:
There needs to be enough air escaping so that the tank and coil don’t overheat, however if there is too much air, it will thin out your clouds. More airflow equals more vapour, though if you don't use enough wattage with lots of airflow, it will also make vapour less dense. When you’re cloud chasing you’ll want clouds to be both dense and huge. Have a play with the airflow on your device and find the perfect power setting that will stop the coil from burning out, but will still produce impressive vapour.

The Right E-liquid:
If you’re looking at how to make big vape clouds then you will want the right e-liquid, which would be a vegetable glycerin (VG) heavy one. The thicker VG liquid will give you denser clouds. A 70/30 VG to PG ratio is an ideal all-rounder for full flavour, a decent throat hit and, importantly, huge clouds.

Build your own coils:
When you build your own coils, you have more freedom to make different resistances than you would with pre-made coils. The lower the resistance of your coils, the more watts you can use, ultimately making your clouds bigger. You might also want to look at going for a dual coil if you’re looking to create some serious clouds. (Note: a dual coil will halve your resistance.)

Get your breathing right:
Once you have got the perfect set-up on your device, you will want to consider your inhale and exhale technique. First, you should exhale before taking in the vapour to fill your your lungs to max capacity. Then a nice big inhale. When exhaling, if you breathe out too quick it will cause the clouds to thin out. If you want big, dense clouds then exhale slower.

big vape clouds

Confident on how to make big vape clouds? If not, pop in one of our stores and ask advice from one of our experts.

Vape Hacks for the Consummate Vaper May 19 2017, 0 Comments

Whether you're new to vaping, been vaping a while, or are a bit of a pro at rebuildable coils, you’ll want to know about these vape hacks.

1. Keep Hand Sanitiser Handy

You probably know about this one already - keep hand sanitiser close by. If you’ve ever been filling up your vape and spilled some liquid on your skin, you’ll know how sticky it can get (especially if you’re not able to wash your hands!) The alcohol in the sanitiser works wonders to getting the liquid off.

 2. Lego Blocks =  Atomiser Holder

This is my favourite of all the vape hacks. Lego blocks make the perfect place to store your 510 atomisers or clearomisers. It will keep them upright to prevent any leakage, and if they’re glass, then they will be protected from smashing. It also looks pretty cool!

vape tips

 3. Vinegar/Lemon Juice = Copper Mod Cleaner

Has your copper mod lost its shine? You can buy a copper cleaner from the shop, however it will probably set you back a few pounds. How about this vape hack, instead - use Lemon Juice or Vinegar to clean your copper mod. All you need to do is dab a little on a cloth and then rub it gently on the mod. Rinse with cold water and then dry it off.

 4. Nail Clippers = All-in-One Vapers Tool 

Using nail clippers is one of the vape hacks you must know about if you’re building your own coils, because they’re great for clipping wire and cotton.  When you pick some up, get them with the little file on the end - it's is the perfect tool to wick your RDA’s.

 5. Wash your Rebuildable Coils

You built a pretty impressive coil, but now it’s starting to get black and gunky. Rather than building it again, use this (one of the top vape hacks) to get your coil shining again. Simply fire up your vape until it’s glowing red and dip it in running water. You’ll see that your coils are cleaned up and ready to be re-wicked.

 6. Leaky Tank?

Is your tank leaking or bubbling & spitting at you? Have no fear! Just turn your whole device upside down and hold the fire button for a couple of seconds. Repeat this two or three times and all that pesky excess will drip out from the drip tip - just be sure to have a bit of tissue to catch the drips! (Note this will not get rid of excess that is already in the airflow base, but will prevent more from gathering there.)

Do you know any other vape hacks? Drop us a message below and let us know. Until then, stay safe and vape on! 

Work in Ibiza this Summer with Vape and Juice May 19 2017, 0 Comments

It’s a big year for Vape and Juice!

We now have 17 shops in London, Kent and Essex, with our newest one opening in Ibiza this Summer.

Having a new vape shop in Ibiza means that we're currently looking for fellow vapers who know their stuff (and want to spend a Summer in the sun) to join the team.

vape shop ibiza

So, why would you want to pack up your vape case and head over for a Summer of sangria and sunsets?

Here are a few reasons why you should work in Ibiza this year:

1. You’ll save money

Really, you will! As the friendly vape shop employee, you’ll meet loads of people who will be able to get you into big nights out for free. Being a ‘local’ means that you’ll know the places to get the best deals too. You’ll probably find that you spend less on a night out in Ibiza than you do in England.

2. Everyone is happy!

People are either happily on holiday, or they’re working in the sun and loving life. When people are happy it’s infectious; there’s no one to moan about delays on the Met line, or about the fact that it’s raining...again.

3. Days off!

You’ll still get days off, just like you do in England. However, you’ll probably spend your days off down the beach, at a boat party, or chilling out in a local bar. Bit different from what you’d do back home!

4. You’ll meet people

Working in a vape shop means that you will probably have regular customers coming in. Chances are they're also working over the holiday season, so you’ll never be short of friends on the island.

vape ibiza

5. Selling what you love - in the sun!

Work doesn’t feel so much like work when the sun is shining and you’re selling something you feel passionate about. The shifts will fly by!

If you’re looking to have the summer of a lifetime, have a passion for vaping and experience working in retail, then contact us today!

Vape shop Ibiza 2017 May 19 2017, 0 Comments

If you’re off to Ibiza this year then we have good news for you; we have a vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza opening in 2017!

No need to fill up your suitcase with e-juice, spare coils, ‘just in case’ batteries and anything else you might normally take, because we’ve got all the vape supplies you could possibly need for your holiday.  

vape shop ibiza

The Vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza stocks the same reputable brands that we sell in our UK stores, including Aspire, SMOK, Innokin and more.

We also have a wide variety of juices in store that you can try before you buy to make sure you get the right flavour for your holiday. Our expert staff will be on hand to make sure you’re choosing the right juice to suit your device, so you'll be sure to get a satisfying vape while watching the sun setting over the bay. Whether you’re just looking for a good deal, or if you want to throw big clouds, we’ve got the right liquid for you in our vape shop in Ibiza.

Even if you just fancy a chat about the latest in the industry, new flavours and devices you've tried back home, what coils you're building, or who you saw DJ in Amnesia, you're welcome to pop in and shoot the breeze with us in Vape and Juice Ibiza.

Just like our vape shops in London, Essex and Kent, the vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza is kitted out with the same high spec products. It's somewhere comfortable to chill out and pick up a new juice (or replace the tank you broke the night before.)

Opening hours of the new vape shop in San Antonio Ibiza

Monday - Saturday : 11:00 - 23:00

Sunday : 12:00 - 18:00

You’ll find Vape and Juice Ibiza at 10 Calle San Antonio, which is just by KFC on the West End.

Come by and stock up on a new juice - or a device that packs more of a punch than your starter kit - so that you’re ready for your big night out in Ibiza!



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