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How do I turn on Aspire Pockex

How do I turn on my Aspire Pockex | Everything to know about your kit

Aspire Pockex

How do I turn on my Aspire Pockex and other things to know about your new device 

If you are sat there googling “how do I turn on my Aspire Pockex”, then you wouldn’t be the first. Whether you brought online or in-store, you can easily miss how to turn it on and off.

In this blog, we will tell you all the things to know about your new device, including the very important power button.

How do I turn on my Aspire Pockex

You have chosen a great bit of kit here, one of our best sellers. To turn on your shiny new vape device you will need to press the side button 5 times in quick succession. In order to turn it off, you do the same. When the device is on, the button should light up to indicate so.

It is important to turn your device off when it is in your pocket or bag. Otherwise, it could get pressed by accident.

How do I refill my Aspire Pockex? 

These are one of the easiest devices to fill, when you know how of course! 

  • Firstly, unscrew the top and the coil will come out with it
  • Unscrew the coil from the top, ready to prime
  • You then need to drop e-liquid down both holes in the coil at the top
  • When the juice shines onto the cotton, screw it back to the top
  • Fill the 2ml chamber to the max fill line
  • Drop the coil back in and screw it on

How do I change my coil on the Aspire Pockex?

To change your coil you will need to unscrew the top, then unscrew the coil from the top. You can then replace the coil.

How do I charge my device?

The Aspire Pockex has a built-in battery that is charged via the micro USB port. With your device, you should have a USB cable, make sure you use it to charge your device. Don’t use your mobile phone charger or something from another bit of tech.

Plug the micro USB into the USB hole at the base of the device and the other end into a plug head and into the wall. It should not take too long to charge fully.

Hopefully, you are now confident in how to turn on your Aspire Pockex and a few other facts about the kit.

If you need any further info, chat with us online.

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