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SMOK Nord Review

Is this the pod system for you?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 29/04/2019 


here are some great little pod systems on the market at the moment. Pod systems, such as the SMOK Nord and Lostvape Orion Quest kits, are perfect for discreet vaping and using nic salts. Pod vapes can be closed, meaning that you have to replace the pod rather than refilling them yourself. The pod kit we are going to tell you about today is a refillable pod system. This reduces plastic waste and keeps things a little cheaper for the user.

Features of the SMOK Nord Kit

Refillable: This kit is a pod system and can be refilled using e-juice. This means that it is cheaper as you don’t have to replace the pod, you can simply top it up with e-liquid. However, you will still need to change the coil. Coils can be picked up for a few pounds, or you can buy packs to keep you going a little longer. It has to be said, the coils are a little fiddly to change. However, the money you save and the reduction of plastic waste makes it worthwhile.

Coils: There are two coils in the kit. You will get a 0.6 for sub ohm vaping and a 1.4 for mouth to lung. If you are a new vaper you might find that the 1.4 replicates smoking best with the mouth to lung capability. Another great thing about the coil is that it is mesh, which is fantastic for absorbing juice. This means fewer nasty dry hits!

Battery life: The kit has a 1150mAH battery. This is pretty decent for a pod system. But the great thing is it lets you know how much battery you have. There are 3 colours to indicate the battery life, green, amber and red. This will save you the stress of going to take a puff only to have the kit die on you. We love this feature.

Draw: The SMOK Nord has a fairly tight draw. You aren’t able to adjust the airflow on this kit. If you are looking for a pod with airflow adjustment then look at the Lost Vape Orion Quest, not the SMOK Nord.

Style: Something that will appeal to lots is the 14 different styles and colours this kit comes it. With different colour ways and looks, you will easily find one to suit you. 

Where do you ship SMOK Nord?

We ship SMOK Nord worldwide, the same as any of our products. We even ship SMOK Nord and other pod systems to Tunisia and Hungary for reasonable rates. For international deliveries, prices will be shown on the checkout page.

Is this the Pod kit for me?

We think this is a really decent pod system. Perfect for your nic salts, CBD, or regular vape juice. You can have a proper look at the kit in one of our 30 vape and juice stores, or order online and enjoy free delivery. Watch our video to see how the SMOK Nord stacks up against the Lostvape Orion Quest Kit.

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