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The difference between a cheap e-cig and an expensive kit 

Find out which one will suit you best 

Y ou have probably seen the £10 starter kits at the petrol station or in the supermarket. Then you’ve gone in a vape shop or seen an ad online for an £80 vape kit. Now you want to know the difference. Which one will help you quit smoking, is one better than the other, which one should you buy? 

In this blog we are going to share some information about both kits. We will tell you the pros and why you might consider one over the other. Can’t be bothered to read? Watch our video on the same topic here. We are going to be specifically discussing the C4 starter kit which is around £10 and the Wismec Active box mod priced at £80 all in.

First up, let's look at the cheap e-cig

IWe have chosen to look at the CE4 kit. This is a simple pen device. No bells or whistles, but that isn’t always a bad thing. This pen style device is made up of a battery and a plastic clearomizer. You can buy it for around £10 at petrol stations, supermarkets and newsagents. They’re a good introduction into vaping if you don’t want to make too much of an initial investment, however they’re not a long term device.

Over time you’re going to find that you have preferences and needs with your vape device. You might want a stronger throat hit, bigger clouds, more flavour options, adjustable airflow and more power. These are things you won’t get with the CE4. You will probably be charging more often than you’d like as it is a small mAH battery. This could lead to frustrations and drive you back to smoking.

The clearomizer on this device is disposable. This means that every time your e-liquid tastes burnt you have to replace the whole clearomizer. This is likely every 2-3 weeks. This can really add up over time.

Here are a few key points about a basic starter kit

- Good to tell you if vaping is for you without too much of an investment

- Can only use high PG e-liquid limiting your choices
- No impressive clouds, but it is discrete
- Clearomizers are prone to breaking or cracking
- Buy cheap buy twice - you’ll end up spending more if you try to make this a long term device
- They are quite prone to leaking 

Next, let's look at the more expensive device

Now onto the Wismec Active. This is a higher end bit of kit that has an initial upfront cost of around £80. Quite a step up from you £10 starter kit. However, in the long run it might save you some cash to make the initial outlay.

This kit has 3x the battery power of your basic starter kit. This means you will charge less and be powered up for longer. You can also charge while you vape, something you can’t do with your basic starter kit.

The Wismec Active is a fancy looking, robust bit of kit. Therefore it is less prone to cracking and breaking. If you do crack the glass in the tank you can replace it without splashing out on a whole new tank. 

On this device, and many other more advanced kits, you will find a digital display. What this tells you varies from each device, however you will always find battery life. No need to guess how much charge you have with one of these devices. You will also have your wattage and power. This means you can play about with temperatures and settings to find the sweet spot for your vape juice. 

When you spend that little bit more initially you will be less likely to need to upgrade. Chances are, you buy a CE4 or any cheap starter kit and you’ll want to change it soon enough when you know what you want from your device and vape experience.

On a more advanced kit you also get adjustable airflow. This allows you to further tailor your vape to help the coils last longer, your juice taste better and adjust the draw. Having these options can make sure that you find the perfect vape, leading you away from cigarettes forever.

Here are a few key points to remember about a higher priced vape device

- More options to customise - change the tank, coils and drip tips

- Play with settings to tailor and enhance your vape experience
- Robust bit of kit that comes with a warranty 
- More choice of juice flavours to find the perfect one for your pallet
- Improved flavour and nicotine hit without such a strong mg content

Which kit should you buy?

Your device is going to be down to personal preference to an extent. However, if you want to save money then you will probably be better off spending a little more initially. As the saying goes, buy cheap you buy twice!

So while the initial outlay might be more expensive, by the time you have brought, broken and lost a couple of those starter kits you’d have easily spent the same. While CE4 kits have their place, they’re not in it for the long run. Buy your device to last you an keep you off the cigs.

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