Will Vaping Affect My Life Insurance?

Find out how to get a lower premium as a vaper

Becky Spencer-Davies 30/05/2019 

We know that smoking is high risk lifestyle. With it being accountable for 25,000 deaths in the UK each year. So it is no surprise that as a smoker you will pay a higher premium for your life insurance. How about if you have quit smoking and are now vaping, does vaping affect life insurance too? 

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, so does it affect life insurance?

Public Health England declared that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco. We know that smoking contains cancer causing chemicals and is responsible for deaths and illnesses throughout the world. However, insurance companies say you must declare yourself a “smoker” if you use any nicotine products. This includes nicotine gum, patches and vaping with nicotine.

As a “smoker” on your life insurance you might end up paying double the premium than a non smoker. Some providers increase premiums for smokers by 200%. Seems fair enough for a tobacco smoker but not so much for a vaper. Afterall you are taking steps to stop smoking, and it is 95% safer.

Shouldn't insurance companies praise vapers?

As a vaper you have taken steps to reduce your risk of smoking associated illnesses. Brilliant. However, vaping does affect life insurance so it might not be enough to enjoy a lower premium. While we believe that insurance companies should reward those taking steps towards their health, companies want you to be nicotine free.

There are a few reasons why insurance companies don’t want people to vape. One is because they say that there is no conclusive evidence on the long term effects of vaping. Another reason is because their testing methods for smokers do not determine weather nicotine came from an e-cigarette or a tobacco cigarette. 

How to get a lower insurance premium and vape

What you need to do is first off quit the cigarettes. Once you have done that using vaping as an aid you can gradually start to reduce the nicotine. When you have been on 0mg for a year you can tick the non-smoker box and enjoy a lower premium. Check out our 0mg e-liquids here.

Should I lie on my insurance form

No. If you still vape with nicotine then you should declare it. While you might get a lower premium if you are found to have nicotine in your system then your insurance will be invalid. Just aim to reduce your nicotine down to 0mg, then once you have been nicotine free for the required time you can tick the non smoker box. Read more on the topic from Compare the Market.

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