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Why we won’t be selling Angora Rabbit Vape Cotton

If you’re reading this blog having found it from searching Angora Rabbit Vape Cotton and are hoping to purchase some, then you’re in the wrong place. At Vape and Juice we only sell good quality, FDA approved, animal friendly cottons such as Cotton Bacon V2.0, which you can buy here

Firstly, what is Angora Rabbit Cotton?

An Angora Rabbit is one of the fluffiest rabbits you’ll ever see. If you’re in the UK then you might not have come across this type of rabbit, and unless you’re big into textiles and knitting you might not have heard about it. 90% of Angora fur is produced in China, with a population of more than 50 million rabbits.  Their fur is collected by plucking or shearing the bunny.

There is a chinese company called Angora Vape Cotton who specialise in supplying this specific cotton to vapers all over the world – which they claim is made from a grown cotton. Yet how can they have grown it so fast and tested all the strains? Obviously if they were to say it was Angora Rabbit then it would quite possibly turn people away…

Here’s a truth though- won’t be stocking it.

And here’s why:

Animal Cruelty Concerns

Back in 2013 there were a number of big name brands stopped using products containing Angora fur after video evidence showed rabbit paws being plucked raw at the fur farms in China. Another animal rights charity released footage of rabbits being pinned down while workers plucked and ripped fur from their skin, leaving them shouting out in pain and bald except from their heads.

Certification issues

At Vape and Juice we only stock products that are FDA approved and are everything they claim to be – we check. Angora Rabbit Vape Cotton have been quite publically shady about providing details of any certifications that they have. Tina Wang, of Lion Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lion”), the maker of Angorabbit cotton, writing to a vaper on social media said – “you are not a customer, we have no reason to provide you.”  She also wrote that the mark for FDA approved is on the packaging as their medical cotton is registered and approved by the FDA. But this doesn’t mean that this new cotton is…

Health Concerns

So with the possible lack of certifications and the secrecy of the company it poses a health concern. Is this a brand you really would want to trust with your health? Are they using harmful chemicals in this cotton? Are they using rabbit fur?  

Angolan Rabbit Vape Cotton is a brand we will not support at Vape and Juice. Try a reputable brand that is tried, tested and regulated.

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