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dry mouth when vaping

Why does vaping give me a dry mouth?

Why do I get a dry mouth when I vape?

Have you ever noticed after vaping or using your e-cig, you get a dry mouth, even sometimes a headache? Well, we wanted to know why so we did a little research ourselves and got to the bottom of this.

But first, here's a picture of a glass of water - why not grab one now.

dry mouth when i vape headaches ecigs

Dry Mouth:

Eliquid is primarily made up of a handful of elements, one of these being PG. Propylene Glycol. PG, as it is known, is a harmless solution used in a range of products, ostensibly to make those products safer in the case of some household products in case children drink them, but also as a preservative in products such as Ice Cream. The US Food and Drug Administration regards PG as generally safe for humans and has very low toxicity. But it is this preservative feature that causes the dry mouth when vaping. PG is referred to as a Hygroscopic compound. This means it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air, or from any other source. What this means, is when vaping, the PG vapour absorbs the moisture in your mouth, the saliva and binds to it. This leaves your mouth feeling dry if you don't have a glass of water to hand. 

It's as simple as that. So you might be thinking, "I vape high VG though" - well just like its PG sibling, Vegetable Glycerol has the same hygroscopic qualities, which causes dry mouth also.

So what's the solution - very simply, drink water when vaping. In fact, drink water anyway, as an absence of water in the body can lead to a host of health problems, water is the best liquid we can drink to rehydrate our human selves at any time. Which leads us on to the next question.....

Sometimes I get headaches when I vape

If you are experiencing a dry mouth and are not replacing fluids gradually, your body will begin to feel a little dehydrated. Your body is 90% water and your brain 80% - letting that figure drop by even a few percent, can begin to cause you headaches. Once again, you can deal with this by remembering to take in fluids throughout the course of the day. Your body can only absorb small quantities of water at any given time, or the remainder will sit in your belly leaving you feeling bloated. Small amounts and regular.

So there you have it, some simple answers for regularly asked questions, 'why do I get a dry mouth when I vape' and 'why do I get headaches with Ecigs'. If headaches persist, you may want to visit your doctor and see if there are not any underlying issues related to other areas.

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