Which Atomiser Type Should I buy?

Becky Spencer-Davies

Which Atomiser Type Should I buy?

Whether you are new to the vaping scene or not, you might find that with so much choice you are left wondering, which atomiser type should I buy?

There is a huge range of atomizers on the market, and they all offer different vape experiences at different costs, in both time and money. In this blog we are going to tell you a little about some of the options to help you to decide which atomizer type you should buy.

  • The Disposable

If you are just wanting to try vaping before you fully invest then you might look at getting a disposable atomiser. This is usually included in a very basic starter kit. The negative to this is in the name, it is disposable. Everytime you find that you are unable to draw air through it, it starts making a noise or if it tastes burnt, then you have to buy a new one. Over time this cost can really add up. In my experience they are made of plastic which can crack, causing juice to leak in your pocket. If you decide that vaping is for you it is 100% worth investing in an atomiser with replaceable coils.

  • Replaceable Coil Head Atomisers

Atomisers with replaceable coil heads are probably the most popular. They look pretty smart and are really easy to replace the coil head when it gets worn out. Replaceable coil head atomisers are a little more expensive than the disposable ones initially, but once you have made the initial investment the coils are usually pretty reasonably priced. On these atomisers you will have features such as airflow control and are made of pyrex glass. They produce better flavour and vapour than the disposables. You should buy this atomiser if you like full flavour and clouds, but you aren’t quite into the fully tailoring your device with a rebuildable.

  • Rebuildable Coil Atomisers

This is the atomiser you should buy if you like working with your hands and are keen on getting that perfect tailor made vape. To build your own custom coils you will need a little time, care and knowledge. That being said, they are not only designed for expert vapers, if you know what you are doing then they are pretty easy to use. You can buy different resistance coils, wire sizes and wicking material to get the vape exactly where you want it. This level of customization will require a bit more of an investment in time and money, but you will have the benefit of a perfect vape, suited to you.

When you are wondering which type of atomizer to buy, remember that each type has their place. Head into one of our Vape and Juice stores to hear about building your own coils, or learn more about which atomiser will work best with your device.

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