What is 'Squonking'? What is a Squonk Mod?

What is Squonking / What is a squonk box mod?

You may have come across the term squonking on the vape scene and always wondered, what is squonking?

Squonking mods could be likened to RDA’s in many ways, with the both offering dense clouds and bold flavour. However, with an RDA you have the often messy and inconvenient job of constantly having to drip liquid onto the atomiser.

So, what is squonking?

With a squonk mod you won’t need to drip as the juice is built into the design of the device. Squonk mods are a bottom feeder, which means that the vape juice sits inside the device, next to the battery, and directly fuels the atomiser with liquid, eliminating the need to drip.

Each mod has a squonk hole which you squeeze in order to drip juice onto the wick, any excess flows straight back into the bottle, so little or even no wastage!

Will squonking catch on?

People have been squonking since 2009, however only recently has it gained popularity on the vape scene. More and more people are coming in store to ask, what is squonking and should I try it? Currently there isn’t a huge selection of regulated squonk mods on the market, and if you don’t have any experience in building, or volts and wattage then it wouldn’t be advisable to create your own.

The new TPD regulations could set some new restrictions to squonking, such as the new maximum size being 10ml, and atomizers 2ml, then there is the need for leak proof mechanisms in place. These rule and regulations could change squonking as we know it, just as it is gaining momentum on the vape scene.

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