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What is a vape mod?

What is a vape mod?


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What is a vape mod?We are often asked what is a mod in terms of vaping by people in store and online.

People hear of vapers building vape “Mods” and wonder whether it is right for them. In this blog we will tell you “what is a vape mod” so you can decide if it is right for you.

A Vape Mod is a modifiable vaping device. Having a ‘Vape Mod’ allows you to tailor, enhance and alter your vaping experience. A mod vape device is usually bulkier and more complicated than the standard vape devices and has the ability to improve your vape with various advanced features.

The modifications that are made to a mod device can range from the battery lasting longer, having a larger capacity tank, something more powerful within it to heat the e-juice, produce more vapour, increase flavour or the throat hit. You are less likely to find these features in your regular e-cig or vape pen.

People use mod devices if they want to tailor their experience and get the best performance from a device. Usually more experienced vapers who are good with their hands and like to tinker with electronics are suited to a mod device. Before you dive into your first build you need to understand Ohms, RDA’s, RBA’s, Cotton Builds and more. Make sure you properly read up to ensure that your vape mod device is safe for you and to the people around you.

A vape mod is probably not for you if you are just starting out with vaping, keep it simple and stick with a standard device. Taking on too much too soon would be like going to the gym for the first time and trying to squat 100kg, not a good idea. If over time your standard vape device isn’t doing the trick for you anymore then stop by the shop to find out about vape mod devices, or read up online about what benefits a vape mod may bring you.

Click here to see the vape mods we have in store. If you’re now happy that you know what a vape mod is but think a standard device is best for you then click here to see our devices.

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