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What does Steeping mean? How do I steep eliquid?

Have you heard the phrase ‘Steeping’? Have you ever wondered how to steep ejuice? Steeping effectively means, leaving your vape juice alone to allow the flavour to fully infuse into the eliquid. This is a process that is more common with high vg juices, 100%VG etc as the sweet taste of VG has a tendency to dilute the flavour of some eliquids down a bit. Many gourmet ejuice makers will add an extra flavouring shot when increasing the amount of VG in their mixes, to ensure that the flavour remains strong for the vaper. It can still take a good couple of weeks for the juice to be fully ready to vape after manufacture to avoid a flavourless taste.

Juices like Vampire Vape, Ruthless eliquidTwelve Monkeys Vape or Riot Squad are often sold ready steeped, but in some cases where demand for stock is high, we take stock in ourselves and leave it to steep before sale. If you want to know how to steep yourself, the process is very simple and easy to do in anyone’s home. 

Take your recently mixed high VG juice and store it undisturbed, for a fortnight in a warm dark space. This will give the flavour time to dissipate and is one of the most simple ways to steep an e juice. An alternative method used by some is to fill a cup of hot tap water and drop the closed bottle into the water. Leave the bottle in until the water cools. Then take the juice out and shake. You can repeat this once more and this is equal to a good period of steeping. This is a quick way to steep ejuice but the natural slower process is our preferred best way to steep juices. 

There are other methods such as electric baseboard heating but these require owning the right equipment and being confident you know what you are doing. For a simple way to steep your ejuice, you can’t go too far wrong with the suggestions above. Alternatively pop into our of our vape shops in Enfield, Canterbury, Southend, or Clacton by Colchester and one of our friendly Vapeologists will be only to happy to help you out. For a range of high VG ejuices for cloud chasing or if you are allergic to PG eliquid, check out our online range or come and visit our ecig shops.

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