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What are Ceramic Tweezers and why do we like them - Vaping more tweezily


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Drum roll please............ Ceramic Tweezers! Yes this is a blog review on the incredibly one dimensional product that if you're into rebuilding coils, drippers and RDAs, you really are going to enjoy owning.

Ceramic tweezers are great for tuning your coils, pressing them tight, and generally having a fiddle around while working on them fitted to the dripper or subtank base. The ceramic head means they are heat resistant and aren't likely to start burning your hands while dry firing the device it's fitted to. Ceramic is fragile however, so you will need to be careful with not stubbing them or cracking them. So what are the advantages of ceramic tweezers v normal tweezers? The great tweezer debate.... 

The debate is not in fact a long one, ceramic tweezers offer incredible electrical insulation, chemical resistance and heat resistance as discussed earlier. The chemical protection means you aren't likely to contaminate your cotton or your coils while fiddling with the dry fired unit; while the electrical insulation is especially important when you are firing 40watts into your base. Having a set of metal tweezers attached to a 0.1 ohm coil and an IPV firing on max in your hands; is probably not the safest place to be. This makes safe ceramic tweezers a great buy. Generally though metal tweezers will short the battery device while dry firing, so rather than an electric shock, it just makes it very difficult to remove hot spots in the coil, without having picked at the coil wire before hand. The Ceramic tweezers let you pack and squeeze the coils together while actively firing and therefore allowing you to get that rebuildable set up just right.

Ceramic Tweezers available to buy online here or from any of our stores in person.

David Mason

I'm the founder of Vape and Juice and the face behind Vape and Juice TV on Youtube. When I'm not stealing Heisenberg from the warehouse, I give retail advice on Deathground's Retail Podcast and the Vape News related Cotton and Kanthal Show, on Spotify and Apple. I began vaping in 2009 and have been involved in the industry since 2013. Contact me on LinkedIn.

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