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What are the ongoing costs of vaping?

Once you have brought your device you have made your first investment. You might have gone for a basic starter kit, or you may have found that a higher end device that suits you better.

From here on out, you’ll find that vaping is much much less of an expense than smoking, however there are some ongoing costs with vaping that you will want to know about. That being said, even with the ongoing costs, it’s still considerably cheaper, and better for your health, than smoking is.

Clearomisers and coils

You can get yourself a disposable clearomiser for just a few pounds, however over time it is more cost effective to get one with a coil you can change. Disposable clearomisers can last anything from a couple of days to a month, or even longer, this depends on how often you vape, and what device you have. However, if you’re looking to save money in the long run then opt for the option where you can replace the coils. You can buy coils in bulk so you always have some handy. On average you’ll spend between £5-10 a month on coils for your device. 


Part of the ongoing cost of vaping is the e-liquid. You can get some great deals including 3 for £10 which should last you a few weeks, again, depending on how much you vape and the device you are using. Juice can range anywhere from £4 to £5 for a 10ml bottle. Click here to see our range of e-liquid. 

A spare battery

It might be a good idea to have a spare battery in case yours breaks or to use while your main one is charging. You may even chose to have a day vape for work and then one for at home or for when you go on a night out.

A new device

This isn’t really an ongoing cost of vaping, however chances are, as you get more into the vaping scene you will want to upgrade your device, or maybe even have a spare. You might find that you want to make big clouds and modify your device by making your own coils. This will incur ongoing costs for your vaping hobby, but still nowhere near the price of smoking.

So there are ongoing costs of vaping, just as with smoking (new lighters every week…) however, it will set you back much less in the long run!

Quit smoking, start vaping!

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