Vaping on holiday - What shall I take?

Arran O'Neill

The Summer holiday season is fast approaching, so the guys and gals at Vape and Juice have taken some time out to write a series of articles designed to keep you vaping and off the cigarettes this Summer - whatever your destination! 

In our first instalment, we’ll be talking about the various items you’ll need to consider in order to keep yourself vaping on holiday! 

What happens if you drop your vape and smash the tank just two days in? What will you do if you burn your coil out on the first day? What if…

Okay, enough what-ifs.

Here’s our list of things you'll need to pack if you want to vape on holiday:

  • A spare battery

Batteries should stay out of the sun (very important). However, if you get a little careless with your mod or battery after a few drinks and accidentally leave it to get super hot, you could damage it. Take a spare and keep it in your room. Chances are you won’t need it, but it’s good to have a backup - and remember to be extra safe where batteries are involved.

  • More than enough juice

Chances are, you’re going to be vaping more than usual. You’re off work, and you're free to vape by the pool or on the beach as you please, so while you might normally only get through one 10ml bottle in a week, you may want to consider packing another couple. That way, if you lose one, have a leakage, or just vape more than usual, you’re all set.

  • A spare tank

Suncream = slippery! ... so it might be worth picking up a spare tank in case there are any drop-and-smash moments. At the very least, you should get yourself a vape band to go around your tank to give it that extra bit of protection from the dreaded drop! These are a steal at only 50p, so make sure you pop in to your local Vape and Juice and grab one before you fly. 


Vape bands UK

  • A pack of coils 

No one likes the taste of a burnt vape, so make sure your juice is tasting fresh your whole holiday by stocking up on coils. As above with your juice supply, if you're vaping more, you’ll probably find that the coil runs out faster than it would at home.

  • Another charger

Sometimes, things break (or simply decide not to work) in different countries. Take a spare charger to be sure that you’re fully charged and fired up all day and night.

  • An adaptor plug

I’m sure you’ll have one of these already packed for your hair dryer and phone, but maybe take another specifically for your vape. My partner and I are always fighting over the adaptor plugs on holiday for our phones, vapes… so save the stress and pack another!

Wherever you're off to, we wish you an amazing time and look forward to seeing you before you go - and of course when you get back! We have vape shops in London, vape shops in Essex and not forgetting our ecig shops in Kent. Check out our store locator for your nearest Vape and Juice store, or order online using the code 'FREESHIP' for free UK delivery. 

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