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Vape shop near me Basildon - Vape and Juice Ecig store


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Asking: Is there a vape shop near me?

Well if you're in Basildon and asking 'Is there a vape shop near me' you can now buy your electronic cigarettes from Vape and Juice at the Eastgate Shopping Centre. Located at number 35, near to the entrance of the centre closest to the Bus station side, you will find we have the widest range of eliquids and ejuices in Basildon. 

With such a wide range in our Basildon vape shop, we are able to offer products for all pocket sizes. Whether you are just looking to quit smoking, you can start from little more than a tenner - or for the more experienced vaper, we have electronic cigarettes that allow you to throw the biggest clouds, with the premium eliquids to go with it.

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So if you are in the areas around Basildon including Rayleigh, Canvey Island and Wickford; and are looking for a place to buy vaping and electronic cigarette products, come down to Vape and Juice Basildon at the Eastgate Shopping Centre and see how we can help you in our vape shop. (Vape shop near me) 

In Autumn 2016 we will be introducing our first high end tester bar, so you can sit down and try from a huge range of flavours and brands before you buy, while drinking from some American style coffee. Come down to Vape and Juice serving Basildon, Wickford, Rayleigh and Canvey Island.

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Arran O'Neill

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