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Vape Shop No.9 Basildon Eastgate Shopping Centre - Vape and Juice


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Following up on the opening of our stores in Leigh, Essex - here's another one! This week opens the doors to the first Vape and Juice vape shop in Basildon. It's a location we have been frequently asked to site a premises in and so we hope we can make our fans in South Essex happy with this.

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Basildon Vape Ecig Shop - Eastgate Shopping Centre - Vape and Juice

The EastVape Shopping Centre (See what we did there?) Vape and Juice Basildon, will be open Monday to Sunday at Unit 35, Eastgate Shopping Centre, SS14 1AE a few shops down from Debenhams and right opposite the bus station entrance, under the escalators.

We have gone to town on this unit and want to remind the vape community what it is our brand does well, interior shop creativity. Coffee, free water cooler dispenser, chilled drinks fridge, seating, wifi and tv (important for the Euros) - as well the usual wide range of eliquids and ejuices, this is the place to vape and lounge in Basildon.

If you are looking to quit smoking and would like to try electronic cigarettes to see if they can really work for you, why not pop down and say hello and give it a go for free.

As well as stocking  a wide range of beginner equipment, Vape and Juice Leigh stocks everything from premium US and UK made eliquids, competition wire, box mods, mechanicals and drippers. If you want to pick up a bottle of Ruthless ejuice, Vampire Vapes and much more besides, without waiting for the postman, or not being able to test them first, then Vape and Juice is there for you.

The shop's telephone number is 01268 906 820 and will be live from the 20th June, in the meantime, feel free to call the Head Office number 0208 123 9183 for any advice.



David Mason

I'm the founder of Vape and Juice and the face behind Vape and Juice TV on Youtube. When I'm not stealing Heisenberg from the warehouse, I give retail advice on Deathground's Retail Podcast and the Vape News related Cotton and Kanthal Show, on Spotify and Apple. I began vaping in 2009 and have been involved in the industry since 2013. Contact me on LinkedIn.

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