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best starter vape kits to quit smoking

Best Vape to Quit Smoking

best vape to quit smoking

You will want to best vape to help you quit smoking. If you choose a substandard device or something that you don’t like or feel comfortable using, then chances are you might find yourself back on the cigarettes. 

When considering the best vape to quit smoking, you want to think about how it looks and whether you want something simple or with some extra features. In this blog, we share some great beginner devices and share some tips on how to upgrade your device should you choose to in the future. 



smok nord green

The SMOK Nord might be a little pod, however, it has a massive 1100mAh battery installed. This should limit the number of times you have to reach for the charger. It is compatible with a range of mouth to lung (MTL) coils, which is ideal if you are just quitting smoking as MTL vaping replicates smoking best.

Aspire Nautilus AIO  

aspire AIO purple

This neat little kit is perfect for someone who wants something simple and easy to use when quitting smoking.

This device is good to use with nic salts which means you can have a higher quantity of nicotine in your tank (20mg). Due to the higher nicotine content, you will find that you vape less as you are satisfied with the higher content. You are also able to use your starter e-juices in this device too.  

You will find this in red, black, silver, teal, blue and purple. Click here to read more about this one of the best vape to quit smoking.

Aspire Rover 2 

rover 2 blue vape

The Aspire Rover 2 is an upgrade of the much loved Aspire Rover. This device has a 2200mAh battery which is ideal for those who are out and about all day and not able to access a charger. You will be able to adjust power on this device and see battery life on the screen.  The range of coils with this device means that you can even use high VG e liquids, which will open up a whole new world of vaping. 

Innokin Kroma Zenith Kit

zenith kit vape blue

This vape device is a little chunkier than others, however, it is a great quality device.

 At first when you quit smoking and start vaping you probably won’t be thinking about wattage and temperature control, however, you probably will as you get more comfortable with your vape.

Having these settings allows you to tailor your vape to get exactly what you want from it. If you are someone who likes a gadget then you might be better off spending a little more.

Aspire Pockex

Aspire Pockex

The Aspire Pockex is one of our best sellers for people using a vape to quit smoking.

This device is pocket-sized and fits nicely in the hand, in your pocket or purse. The kit is also really easy to use with just a fire button to think about.

The leak proof design, sub ohm capability and size is usually what draws people into this little number. The sub ohm capability means that you will have more option for different juices which will take you on a serious flavour journey. This is a great vape to help you quit smoking. 

Coolfire Mini Kit

coolfire mini blue

The CoolFire Mini Kit comes in at the top of the range of the best vape to quit smoking. It is perfect for those who like a bit of a gadget as there is a little more to this one.

You can adjust your settings using the LCD display and the airflow to help you tailor your vape experience. It is 63mm tall [without the Slipstream tank] 42mm wide, so a little larger but still small enough for a pocket or handbag.

While this might be a little more of an initial investment it really is one of the best starter kits that you will probably want to keep as you get more comfortable with vaping.

Things to consider when upgrading your vape when you quit smoking

There might come a time when you start to think about upgrading your device. Maybe the vape you used to quit smoking just isn’t cutting it. Or maybe you’ve seen your mate has got a beast of a cloud machine. You want some of that action too. When you first get started vaping you will probably purchase something pretty basic. However, as you evolve as a vaper your needs might change. You might know more about what you like and what you don't.  

Do you like high nicotine?

If you are still using quite a high nicotine content then you’ll probably be best off with a device which suits this. You can use nic salts in pod kits, such as the SMOK Nord or Lost Vape.

However, if you are just looking for 12 or 18mg then you should select a device that is good for high PG juices. If you use PG in a device with lots of air holes then it is likely to leak.  Check out our devices which are good for PG here.

Which liquids do you like?

If you are into high VG juices then you will want to select a device based on that. We suggest that you opt for a direct to lung device. These are the bigger box mods or thicker stick kits.

For example, a device which works well with high VG would be SMOK X Priv kit.

This device is mouth to lung and has adjustable airflow and watts. It comes in a few different colourways and looks pretty smart. It a great kit for those who have quit smoking using a vape and now want to tailor their experience.

Are you into clouds and tricks? 

If you are into tricks and huge clouds then you will want to upgrade your starter kit for a sub-ohm vape kit. You will also want something with adjustable airflow and power.

Having control of your device will help you to enhance your cloud. If you are getting really into vaping then you might even consider building your own coils.

Have a look at the Vapresso Swag 2 for big cloud.

Do you like gadgets? 

If you like gadgets then your upgraded vape you used to quit smoking will probably be something with lots of buttons. You will probably like a screen with the ability to make adjustments.

On some of the kits, you can even play games. These techie devices will be able to be kept up to date using computer software.

Check out the SMOK G Priv Kit Luxe Edition.

Are you just looking for a few new features?

If you are happy with the mouth to lung device, but just want to make a few adjustments to wattage and airflow then you might like the X30 Rover or the Rover 2.

This is still a basic kit. However, you can see the battery life, watts and coil resistance on the LED screen.

When you are upgrading your starter kit you will want to make sure you know all the reasons why you are looking to upgrade. Once you know the reasons you will be able to make a good choice.


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