Vape Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure you have the best vape experience!

Becky Spencer-Davies, 06/06/2019 

As someone who is new to vaping you will want to know all the mistakes to avoid before you make them. Vaping mistakes can cause leaks, burning throat and even get you in trouble. We don’t want you to make these errors that we know so many people make. In fact, we have even made these beginner vape mistakes to avoid too!

Here are our top vape mistakes to avoid, to ensure you have a stress free and enjoyable vape experience.

Using the wrong e-liquid

If you have a sub ohm tank, or something a best suited for high VG e-juice you need to use high VG e-juice. If you put something with a PG base then you are going to get a leak. This is because PG is much thinner than VG and finds its way through the crevices in these larger tanks. Generally, high PG juices are best suited to starter vapes, pod devices and mouth to lung kits. We did a whole video on why your vape is leaking that explains this perfectly. You can watch “why does my vape leak?” here

Dry hits

Dry hits happen when you install the coil but don’t let it fully absorb the e-juice before taking a puff. This not only tastes gross but it also burns your coil out before you have even had a chance to enjoy it. To avoid this vape mistake make sure you allow your new coil to fully saturate in juice before you take a puff. This can take slightly longer with a high VG juice, but honestly, it is worth the wait!

Being tight on e-liquid

Being tight on e-liquid is a big vape mistake that you need to avoid. It will burn your coil out much faster than if you keep your tank topped up. Otherwise, all you’re doing is vaping dry which tastes horrible, smells nasty and kills coils.

Choosing the wrong nicotine level

If you select a nicotine level which is too high you run the risk of headaches, nausea and dizziness. Make sure you follow the guidelines to work out how much is right for you.

18mg – 20 cigs a day
10-12mg – 10 cigs a day
3-6mg – Less that 10 cigs a day
0mg – 0 cigs a day

Having the airflow closed

Airflow adjustments allow you to change the pull on your vape. Great. It is another way to tailor your experience. However, if your airflow is completely closed it will feel like your throat is being ripped out and set on fire (OK maybe a little OTT) but whatever, it is horrible.

Vaping where you are not allowed

Time to get your goodie two shoes on. Vaping on planes, at airports, on the train or bus is not ok. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to vape somewhere such as a bar, ask. Lots of places have banned e-cigarettes where smoking is banned, however, some pubs remain cool about it. If you are at a mates house and they don't vape, check it's ok for you too. It's polite after all.

There are a few vape mistakes to avoid. Following these will help you to avoid leaks, wasting money on the wrong e-liquid and keeping your throat feeling well!

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