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vape coronavirus

Is stockpiling vape necessary because of Coronavirus?

 Stockpiling vape coronavirus

Is stockpiling vape stuff a good idea?

We’re living in quite a crazy time at the moment. People are either coming together in communities or fighting over the last bag of pasta in Tesco. You might have been stocking up on toilet roll, and now wonder, should you stock up on vape goods due to Coronavirus. Will it affect your favourite juices, getting hold of a new device or having it delivered if you can't get to store? We’re here to answer your questions.

Will my vape goods be delivered still?

Coronavirus hasn’t stopped the post just yet. All the while we can, we will still be sending out your coils, e-liquids, vape devices and everything we have in stock. If you are local to Southend then we will aim to deliver your items within 1-2 days, however, where possible we will aim for same day to SS postcodes. 

Do I need to worry about the supply?

The majority of our eliquids at Vape and Juice are UK made. This means that your favourite flavours from Doozy Vape Co. such as Liquid Gold, will still be available to you. You can also rest assured that The Kraken, Ripe Co. The Big Zero, Vape and Juice basics will be amongst those made in the UK and should not be affected by Coronavirus. You can rest easy and shop for vape juice as you usually would. 

Should I stockpile vape juice because of Coronavirus?

We don’t think there is any need to go crazy on stocking up on vape juices, as we want to make sure there is enough for all of our customers. However, now might be the time to take advantage of deals such as 5 Vampire Vape ejuices for £15 or our Basics range where you can get 5 for £12.99. If you use high VG eliquids then check out our huge range of shortfills, some of which include nic shots.

If you have to go into self-isolation or are working from home, then chances are you will be vaping more than if you were in the office. This is the reason why you might need a few more e-liquids in your cupboard, and coils too. 

Ideas for vaping when in self-isolation

Chances are, you probably have a little more time on your hands. Now could be the time to practice those tricks you’d always fancied mastering. How about trying the tornado or O rings? We share top tips for nailing your next trick here >

If you are planning on learning some tricks then you'll need a big cloud kit and high VG eliquid. 

Another idea for what to do if you are in self-isolation could be to build your own coils. We sell everything you will need to make some great builds. If you are building your own coils, remember ohms law and make sure you are safe. 

Vape deliveries are still running

While you might not be able to go out and about due to government guidelines or self isolation, you can still have all of your vape goods delivered to your house. Get yourself some great deals and new flavours to try during this time. 

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