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Vape and Ecig shop in Canterbury near me


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Kent Vapers - Is there a vape shop near me in Canterbury?

Well if you're in Canterbury and asking 'Is there a vape shop near me' you can buy your electronic cigarettes from Vape and Juice - The Canterbury Vape. We are located at 14 The Borough, CT1 2DR, just across from the Kings School and close to Canterbury Cathedral. You will find we have the widest range of eliquids and ejuices to suit all needs. We focus on every part of the electronic cigarette market, a hipster free zone. 

With such a wide range in our Canterbury vape shop, we are able to offer products for all pocket sizes. Whether you are just looking to quit smoking, you can start from little more than a tenner - or for the more experienced vaper, we have electronic cigarettes that allow you to throw the biggest clouds, with the premium US and UK eliquids to go with it.

vape ecig electronic cigarettes shop near me Canterbury Sturry Herne Bay

So if you are in the areas around Canterbury such as Aylesham, Herne Bay, Sturry; and are looking for a place to buy vaping and electronic cigarette products, come down to Vape and Juice - The Canterbury Vape just across from the Kings School in the Borough and see how we can help you in our vape shop. (Vape shop near me) 

This Autumn we will be launching a new way you can try before you buy and our store-wide loyalty points reward scheme so you can sit down and try from a huge range of flavours and brands before you buy, as well as clocking up rewards points that you can use in any of our stores and online. Come down to Vape and Juice serving Canterbury, Herne Bay, Sturry, Aylesham, Folkestone and Harbledown.

Checkout our Google plus page here for Vape and Juice - The Canterbury Vape 


Arran O'Neill

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