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Tips for Buying your First Vape Device 

Find out how to choose the right device for your needs

Becky Spencer-Davies, 23/04/2019 


our first look on a vape website or in store might feel like an overload. You probably feel that you need tips for buying your first vape kit before you can tackle the purchase. In this blog we are going to talk you through things you need to consider when buying your vape kit. We will help you get to know your PG from your VG and your POD from your MOD. Here are our top tips for buying your first vape kit. 

What is your need?

Obviously you need to quit smoking. That’s what has brought you to this blog on buying your first device. But you also want to consider what you need from your vape kit. For example, do you want a decent throat hit? This comes down to the e-liquid you select. If you want a good throat hit that replicates ciggies, then you’ll be after something with a high PG content. Something to remember though, PG is thinner and doesn’t suit all devices. If you are using a high PG e-liquid for flavour and throat hit then you will need a more basic kit to prevent leaks.

Do you like gadgets and tech?

If you are into your gadgets and tech then you need to know this tip for buying your first vape kit. It will save you money in the long run. Devices that have a bit more tech behind them are generally more expensive. However, if you like tech and buy a really basic device, chances are you’ll want to change it in just a few months. Some of the devices have displays which show watts, puffs, temperature, battery life and some even have games. This level of control allows you to really tailor your vape to exactly how you want it.

Where will you keep your device?

One day you might have two or three devices. One for taking out, one for at home. However, when you are just getting started with buying your first vape kit chances are you’ll just start with one. Where you keep your device might be a deciding factor in your purchase. Some devices are bulkier than others, some are more robust and chunky whereas others slip easily into your pocket or purse.

MTL or DTL??

MTL (mouth to lung) devices replicate smoking better than DTL (direct to lung). As a new vaper you will probably be more comfortable with MTL. However, if you can get to the store to try the devices do give them a go. You might find that DTL suits you better.

Are you looking for something discrete? 

If you just want to quit smoking with no fuss and no attention, then chances are you wont be after a kit that blows huge clouds. You’ll probably be best off with a POD system. This is a small but mighty bit of kit. They are small and fit in your pocket or purse easily. While you wont get huge clouds from these, they do the trick of giving you your nicotine fix, throat hit and flavour. Click here to view our pod systems.

There are a few considerations to make and tips for buying your first vape device. Ultimately you want one that you feel comfortable with and that helps you to ditch the cigarettes. If you are unsure or want to give vaping a try for free, come to one of our stores. You can see our locations here.

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