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Vape and Juice Brentwood Ecig Shop

Getting to know the face behind the clouds

Vape and Juice Brentwood was opened in October 2016 and is managed by Rob Ward. We wanted you to get to know our team, meet the experts - so we took some time to pose them all a short interview. Here's our Rob from Brentwood, Essex.

Vape shop brentwood meet the experts essex ecigs

(Image above - Rob in the Brentwood Vape and Juice Ecig shop - UK's Local Vape Shop)

V&J: Hi Rob, thanks for taking some time out today to talk to us. So we have a few questions for you about Vaping and your experience in general, do you mind if we pick your brain?

Rob: Sure, go for it.

V&J: What's your role with Vape and Juice?

Rob: I'm the General Manager of the Brentwood vape shop branch here.

V&J: How long have you been vaping for?

Rob: I'd say around 15-16 months now.

V&J: How long had you been smoking before quitting through vaping?

Rob: I was smoking for 16 years, before quitting through the aid of vaping. 

Vape shop brentwood meet the experts essex ecigs

(Image above - The Vape & Juice ecig shop in Brentwood High Street, Essex)

V&J: What flavour liquid is in your tank right now? 

Rob: A mix actually, Strawberries and Cream from The Demon Vapor and Lemon Tart from Vape Dinner Lady.

V&J: Haha, okay, too busy to clean your tank out eh? ;) Next question: What vaping kit/setup are you using at the moment and why?

Rob: I am currently using an Asmodus Minikin v2 with a Smok Big Baby Beast TFV8. I use this vape kit because of the quality of the mod and the chipset that's inside (Good tech basically), also I love the flavour and big clouds I get with the Smok coils.

V&J: What is your favourite vape kit or most prized vaping possession and why?

Rob: This would be my Minikin - I look after it and never put it in my pocket with anything else because I want it to look good for as long as possible.

V&J: You've beenbrilliant so far, so finally, last question: If reality was no option - where would you like to vape most? 

Rob: My perfect scenario of vaping would be siting on my own beach with my vape and an endless amount of ejuice - bought from Vape and Juice ;) next to the Red Sea 

V&J: Rob you're a gent, thanks for your time.

Rob: No worries.

If you want to check out your local Vape and Juice Ecig shop in Brentwood, Essex, then you can find us at 88 High Street, CM14 4AP - we are open 7 days a week and always have expert support on hand, to help everyone from first timers to absolute vaping legends. Robs always happy to share some advice and give you a chance to try out our testers. Hope to see you soon online and offline, thats all from this edition of 'Face behind the clouds' from the UK's local vape shop - Vape and Juice.

NB: We now offer FREE SHIPPING online - use the code FREESHIP

Vape and Juice ecig shops available in: Southend I Southchurch Road I Leigh on sea I Canvey Island I Brentwood I Margate I Islington I Basildon I Clacton I Colchester I Winchmore Hill I Highgate I Canterbury



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