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Vape Advice

Browse here to help your vape education - if you have got what you need, then check out our vape kits and ejuice store pages. We always have our chat team on hand during working hours to add more vaping support and information too.

  • Is vaping actually cheaper than smoking
    Becky Spencer-Davies
    Is vaping actually cheaper than smoking

    Vaping actually is cheaper than smoking.

    You will notice a real difference to your bank account when you make the switch. Particually if you are in the habit of smoking 20 a day, or more. Over the year this could cost you £3905, maybe more if you add on the extra you smoke on nights out and on holiday, or if you are smoking a more expensive brand than Marlboro.

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  • Is vaping complicated?
    Becky Spencer-Davies
    Is vaping complicated?

    Customers often come into our stores and ask “is vaping complicated” having seen their friends with fancy mods who have told them in detail how to build coils and create huge clouds…

    No, vaping isn’t complicated if you don't want it to be. Don’t be put off.

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