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What is a Squonk Mod?

What is a Squonk Mod?

Squonking with a Squonk Mod

You may have come across the term squonking on the vape scene and always wondered, what is squonking and what is a squonk mod.

Squonking mods could be likened to ‘dripping’ in many ways, with the both offering dense clouds and bold flavour. However, when you drip you have the often messy and inconvenient job of constantly having to drip liquid onto the atomiser.

What is a Squonk Mod?

What is Squonking?

With a squonk mod, you won’t need to drip as the juice is built into the design of the device. Squonk mods are a bottom feeder, which means that the vape juice sits inside the device, next to the battery, and directly fuels the atomiser with liquid, eliminating the need to drip.

How do you use a squonk?

Each mod has a squonk hole which you squeeze in order to drip juice onto the wick, any excess flows straight back into the bottle, so little or even no wastage!

What is the best RDA for squonking?

The best RDA for squonking is generally the one you have 🙂 But in truth there are some fantastic brands out there, with innovations such as heat reduction or more airflow. Sometimes it could be that you want an easier build deck to screw the fiddly coil in.

Some squonk tank brands to look out for include:

  • Wotofo
  • Hellvape
  • Twisted Messes
  • Vandy Vape
  • Augvape

Looking to buy a Squonk Tank?

What’s better RDA or Tanks?

If it’s flavour and clouds you are after, then a Squonk RDA is the only way forward. But it’s worth noting, you can’t drop a conventional vape tank onto a squonking mod and expect it to work safely. They will work, but it’s not what they are for. 

If you want to read more on vape battery safety, we have a piece on that:

Does RDA use more juice?

It really comes down to the amount of power running through the squonk’s rda, but as most operate them at higher wattage and have a large airflow intake, the hits are often longer and vaporise more fluid with each vape. 

What coils do RDAs use?

RDAs use a range of either handmade or pre-made coils. Back in the early days of vaping you’d carry a tool belt around with you and have to make them yourself. While it was fiddly at first and then a bit of fun, it’s a bit long winded and machines make them much faster. 

The little pieces of vital metal are what connects the heating circuit and heats up the liquid in the cotton poked through. They come in Nichrome, Kanthal or Stainless Steel.

Can you get prebuilt coils?

Yes thankfully. As I mentioned above, we use to have to carry a drill around and reams of wire. Now you can just buy prebuilt coils online. This makes getting your hands on advanced vaping supplies for squonking, that bit easier.

How long do rebuildable coils last?

Generally, a Squonk rebuildable coil will last months, it’s the cotton that needs refreshing. In fact, that’s actually true for any vaping atomiser. With your conventional coil on a Smok tank, for example, you can’t get to the coil to clean it, but with a squonk mod, you can. You simple rip out the cotton, and stick a fresh one in.

Squonk coils last ages!

Top 3 Squonk devices  

DovPo Topside

The Topsideis fillable from the top without the need to remove the squonk bottle. This kit takes a single 21700,20700 and a 18650 battery with adapter. It has bypass mod and temperature control and powers to 90 watts. You will even have a cable to update the firmware.

Not only does it feel great in the hand, it has a 10ml e-liquid capacity.

The Purple by Kraken - Juice

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Pulse BF Kit

The Vandy Vape KIT comes with the Pulse BF Mod and the Pulse 24 RDA. Also included is an 8ml food grade silicone bottle with stainless steel cap.

This kit boasts great flavour and cloud production. It also looks pretty smart, coming in a range of different colours.

It takes a 18650 battery (not included).

The Purple by Kraken - Juice

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Wotofo Recurve

The Recurve Squonk Mod now falls not only to the RDA category but enters the squonker family in style. This is an 80W mech mod level squonk mod. It is unregulated with full safety features.

Easy to use and feels great in the hand.

The Purple by Kraken - Juice

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“Each mod has a squonk hole which you squeeze in order to drip juice onto the wick, any excess flows straight back into the bottle, so little or even no wastage!”

Is a squonk mod right for me?

People have been squonking since 2009, however, only recently has it gained popularity on the vape scene. More and more people are coming in the store to ask, what is squonking and should I try it? Currently, there isn’t a huge selection of regulated squonk mods on the market, and if you don’t have any experience in building, or volts and wattage then it wouldn’t be advisable to create your own.

The new TPD regulations could set some new restrictions to squonking, such as the new maximum size being 10ml, and atomizers 2ml, then there is the need for leak-proof mechanisms in place. These rule and regulations could change squonking as we know it, just as it is gaining momentum on the vape scene.

If you’re still not sure and would like us to answer “what is squonking” in more detail and for any other questions you may have, stop by one of our shops in your local area.

Have you tried squonking? What do you think of it? Check out some of our squonk mods either in store at one of our Vape and Juice shops local to London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk; or check them out online here.

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