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 Should I Start Vaping?

Will vaping finally help you to quit smoking?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 27/06/2019 

Vaping isn’t a new thing. The first ever vape device was developed in 1927, however, it wasn’t until the 2000s that it became mainstream. Now there is a vape shop in most towns, some great kits and fantastic flavour juices. Vaping has become an acceptable and successful way for people to quit smoking. So now you ask, should I start vaping to quit smoking?

Should I start vaping?

Public Health England has said that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco. We know that smoking tobacco is a leading cause of cancer, heart and lung conditions. In fact, in the UK alone 77,900 deaths attributable to smoking, this is 16% of all deaths in the UK in 2018. Pretty big stats there and certainly a reason to quit smoking by using vaping.

If you have been a smoker for years and never successfully quit, vaping might be just what you need. Vaping replicates smoking and allows you to keep up the act while providing you with nicotine. Many smokers miss the habit, the throat hit as well as the nicotine. With vaping, you can keep all of these without the nasty chemicals that come with tobacco smoking.

How will I quit smoking with vaping?

Some people dual vape and smoke for a little while, and gradually wean themselves off cigarettes. Whereas other people ditch the fags the day they get their vape up and running. The best thing to do is what works for you.

When you buy your first e-liquid you will notice that they have different concentrations of nicotine. You choose the nicotine level based on how much you smoked. As a guide, follow this:

18mg – 20 cigs a day
10-12mg – 10 cigs a day
3-6mg – Less than 10 cigs a day
0mg – 0 cigs a day

How do I choose my first vape device?

So you’ve decided the answer to “should I start vaping?” is yes. Now it is time to choose your vape device. You’ll notice that there are big cloud kits or more discrete starter kits. Then there are rebuildable mods and squonks.

If you are looking for something simple and effective and you are not fussed about bells and whistles then opt for a pod kit. These are mouth to lung which is the same as smoking. A great one is the SMOK Nord Kit. 

If you see yourself turning into a hobbyist vaper then look at the more advanced kits. These kits tend to show information such as watts, battery, puff count, and some even have games. The bigger mods are usually direct to lung, which is less like smoking.

For something more in between look at mid-range devices such as the X30 Rover. This device has a display, adjustable airflow and is mouth to lung. It is reasonably priced and will keep you satisfied. 

Come and see us!

So if you are asking “should I start vaping” hopefully you have a better idea. You can browse starter kits online or in store. Feel free to ask us any questions either on live chat or in store.

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