Prime your Coils: The Why and the How

Becky Saunders
When you first get your device with a fresh new coil it will be full of flavour and there will be a good amount of vapour production. Over a few weeks, depending on how much you vape, you will start to notice a slightly burnt taste. Let it go on too long and people around you will start to notice the smell of the burnt coil too. Not pleasant.

If you’re experiencing this burnt taste then it is about time to change your coil. Changing your coil is pretty simple, unless you’re in to building your own, but let’s talk prebuilt coils here. You might just screw on the new coil and start vaping again… however this can result in the new, dry coil overheating and burning out before you’ve even got any use out of it.

We recommend that you prime your coil before you start vaping it. Priming the coils will ensure that you are getting full flavour and an enhanced vaping experience.

Here is how to prime your atomiser coil:

  • Remove the old coil and replace with the new one. We suggest that you prime the atomiser  coil while it is attached to the device or it can get pretty messy with juice leaking onto your hands.
  • Find the juice holes in the atomiser, this is the place where the wick meets the ejuice. Add a few drops of your eliquid in order to saturate the wick of the coil.
  • Once you have primed the atomiser wick, it is time to do the same with the cotton. Coils with larger heads will require more eliquid to fully saturate the cotton. Be sure not to go over the top when you are priming your coil as this can cause flooding and in turn liquid will find its way into your mouth. Add a few drops at a time.
  • Next step for priming your atomiser coil is to take a few dry hits. Dry hits means covering the airflow valve and without pressing the fire button take a few drags. Beware not to take the drag to deep or to over do it as you may end up flooding the coil.
  • Once you have completed all of the above steps for priming you atomiser coil it is time to break it in. Start using the coil on a lower wattage than you might usually use and gradually increase it after a few hits. Shorter hits will also help to slowly so that you don't overheat the wire in the coil .

If you need any further advice, or a demo on how to prime your atomiser coil, then stop by one of our stores for a chat with our knowledgeable staff.

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