Part 4 - Wings an Dat - Mitch at Barking's Vape and Juice Shop - Face behind the clouds

Arran O'Neill
Part 4 - Wings an Dat - Mitch at Barking's Vape and Juice Shop - Face behind the clouds

Face behind the clouds - Mitch's Barking Vape and Juice ecig shop

So we know you guys and girls love a good natter with our team at Vape and Juice, which meant we thought we should take the time to probe TEAM V&J with short surveys; what we call 'The face behind the clouds'.

This week takes us to Barking, East London (Or Essex if you prefer) to none other than the latest Vape and Juice store in the big smoke. The new vape and ecig juice shop can be found in Vicarage Field Shopping Centre; where you will find this tech wizard dishing out the advice. It's Mitch O'Brien, who is also Vape and Juice's inhouse Guru. 

vape shop barking east london near me

(Above: Mitch cloudchasing at the Enfield and Winchmore Hill vape and ecig shop)

So your turn now Mitch, welcome to the 'Face behind the clouds' - without further ado, lets begin.

V&J: So at what vape shop can we find you in Mitch?

M: Well I was situated in the OG vape shop, the original Vape and Juice; Southchurch, but now you'll find me overseeing the new store in Barking, at Vicarage Field Shopping Centre. (Editor: AKA The bossman)

V&J: So how long have you been vaping for?

M: Roughly 1 year 9 months, I started in March 2015. 

V&J: So how long had you been smoking before quitting through vaping? 

M: A long time. I started when I lived in Spain at the age of 11. Everyone did it, I just joined in lol

V&J: Woah, that is a long time. Moving quickly on before the Politically Correct Brigade find some tenuous way to suggest we now advocate smoking for children - what flavour vape juice have you got in your tank right now and whats been the best vape juice you've used lately?

M: At this exact moment in time I'm vaping menthol as I have been feeling the Winter flu haha, but recently I've been smashing through some Just Jam. The stuff is amazing, (you can taste the seeds!!)

V&J: I've just gone through a 70ml bottle myself in my TFV8. Lasted 5 days and the coil almost as long! Really authentic taste though, agree with you there. Now to the next question, what vaping set-up are you using at the moment and why?

M: I only recently found my all day set up, and that is the Therion by Lost Vape, and the Rose 3 by Eden Mods. The Therion because its using a DNA chip, my personal favourite, as they are just amazing such an advanced vape mod. The Rose 3  is another amazing piece of vape kit, made in the UK, its made for Flavourchasers!

V&J: I've seen a fair few of the Therions around the stores in the hands of the team, not taken the plunge yet myself. Might treat myself soon. Which brings me to 'What is your favourite vape kit or most prized vaping possession? (And Why)'

M: My favourite would be the kit I'm on now, but my most prized would be my Aspire Atlantis v1 tank.

The reason... Its where it all started for me, back when I first got into vaping, the vape pen kit styles weren't working for me, then I tried the Atlantis subtank and it was a whole new world, flavour, and massive clouds!! I still use it to this day now and then! :)

V&J: Love it, rocking the old school tank vibe. Now your final question and for a bit of fun....

If reality was no option - where would you like to vape most? 

M: This was actually a really hard one for me lol, eventually though I realised if reality was no option, I would love to go back to Spain. To sit round the pool in the summer sun,

Now I've grown up a bit, I'm sure I'd appreciate it a whole lot more!

V&J: Mitch thanks mate, thanks for your time to answer these questions. Its always nice for customers to get to know the team at Vape and Juice beyond just seeing them in the vape shop. Good luck in the new ecig shop in Barking.

Vape and Juice Barking opened February and has it's doors open 7 days a week. With a wide range of some of the best vape juices, ecig and vape kits; you can also pick the brains of our experienced team who know all you ever need to know about vaping. Come to us if you care about good service.

You can find the Barking vape and ecig juice shop at:
Vape and Juice I 1st Floor I Vicarage Field Shopping Centre I Barking I IG11 8DH

(Next to Subway upstairs)


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  • he knows his stuff , i can most def verify that

    captainbuggernuts on
  • He will be missed at the southchurch store, top guy, really always a pleasure to deal with.

    carl on
  • I really like Mitch, seems to know his stuff. definitely enjoy going to the shop and have a chat and getting myself some new vape gear

    Dave on

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