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Part 3 - Face behind the clouds : Our Jamie with the London Vape and Juice


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Vape and Juice - Highgate Ecig Shop

Getting to know the face behind the clouds

Vape and Juice the ecig shop in Highgate along the Archway Road was opened in January 2016 and is managed by Jamie Robinson. Our 'face behind the clouds feature' is for you to get to know our team, meet the experts - so this week we thought we would take a look at Jamie's domain, Highgate's local vape store.

 Vape shop highgate and islington for ecigs and best vape juice liquid Vape and Juice

(Image above - Jamie loitering in the Islington and Clerkenwell Vape and Juice Ecig shop - UK's Local Vape Shop)

V&J: Hi Jamie, as per - thanks for taking some time out today to talk to us. So we have a few questions for you about Vaping and your experience in general, you ready?

Jamie: Sure, go for it.

V&J: How did you get into vaping and how long for?

Jamie: Around 5 years ago I decided it was time to quit and went and bought myself a cig-a-like kit. It worked for a time but soon went back to smoking. It wasn't until 2 and a half years later that I had friends using box mods, and when I tried them I found them to be far more effective and enjoyable.

V&J: Whats your favourite vape juice flavour?

Jamie: I can't pick just one, I really enjoy my dessert and cake based eliquid flavours, though a bit of fruit in the mix is not unwelcome. A few examples include: Vape Dinner Lady: Lemon tart, Vape breakfasts classics: French dude, Fryd: Fryd Banana.

V&J: Whats your favourite vape mod set up / ecig kit?

Jamie: I love my subzero shorty mechanical mod, though for convenience and excellent battery life I like my RX200s with either my RDA or my Cleito 120. Also a Special commendation to the Asmodus Minikin V2 for being a truly stunning looking, pocket friendly twin battery device. 

vape shop archway road highgate london ecigs for sale best vape juice

(Image above - The Vape & Juice ecig shop in Archway Road, Highgate, London)

V&J: Most commonly asked question by customers in the shop? 

Jamie: Probably at the moment it's "What is going to happen after May with the EU rules on vaping, aka TPD?" Well, though we are all dreading this, the industry is not going to slow down for anybody! Us vapers are in this for the long haul! After May 20th this year (2017) all vaping products need to be TPD compliant. This means you are going to see some changes in what your local vape shop will stock. Some of the differences include but are not limited to:

  • 10ml bottles only
  • No higher than 20mg/2% nicotine
  • 2ml tanks only
  • pretty much everything needs to be leak-proof
Though this is likely to be an inconvenience to some of us, the regulations will make sure that products are as safe as they need to be. Where there's regulation, there is innovation. 

V&J: That's really comprehensive on the TPD rules, so its 2017 - whats your top tip for vaping this year?

Jamie: Quit smoking, Start vaping!

If you are new to vaping don't be put off by the rapidly growing industry of what appears to be devices that can only be operated if you have a rocket science degree (this is not the case, they are less complicated than they look!). There are plenty of simple, easy to use devices that have expertly captured a good cigarette style draw that a lot of people crave. An excellent example is the Innokin Endura T18 OR T22. Both of these devices are excellent direct cigarette replacements.
Though it is great that the TPD is regulating the manufacture of E-liquid to make sure its up to their standards and as clean as it needs to be. The new laws on tanks and bottle sizes means carrying around more bottles of Juice and refilling more often! Make sure you all stock up on decent sized tanks and get a few large bottles of liquid before May 20th!


V&J: Jamie you've been fantastic, we thought we would pose a couple of different style questions this week and you have done a marvellous job completing them.

If you want to check out your local Vape and Juice Ecig shop in Highgate on Archway Road, London, then you can find us at 173a Archway Road, N6 5BL - we are open 7 days a week and always have expert support on hand, to help everyone from first timers to absolute vaping legends. The guys there are always happy to share some advice and give you a chance to try out our testers. Hope to see you soon online and offline, thats all from this edition of 'Face behind the clouds' from the UK's local vape shop - Vape and Juice.

NB: We now offer FREE SHIPPING online - use the code FREESHIP

Vape and Juice ecig shops available in: Southend I Southchurch Road I Leigh on sea I Canvey Island I Brentwood I Margate I Islington I Basildon I Clacton I Colchester I Winchmore Hill I Highgate I Canterbury


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