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Our Thoughts: PAX 2 Review


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PAX 2 review and available online UK

The PAX 2’s new features really are a great improvement on the previous model. For starters they have replaced the spring loaded mouthpiece and made the unit much smaller, so if it is discretion you’re after, then this is the perfect dry herb vape device. The battery capacity is also much greater than the first PAX device.  

The PAX 2 is small enough to hide away in the average hand and is completely concealed. This dry herb vape device is not only compact and light, it is also luxurious and professional looking with a sleek design and brushed finish.   

While the device may be small, it produced a surprising plume of vapour for its size, however if you are looking for huge clouds, then this device probably isn’t for you. Each vape provides a smooth clean taste.  

The PAX 2 has four preset temperatures 182-215 degrees c. It has to be noted that it can feel a little harsh on the 3rd and 4th settings.

This reliable and portable device has a much improved battery life than its predecessor, with you able to get five ten minute sessions per full charge. While it is portable, it isn’t ideal for constant use, and is best used for a couple of sessions per day.

The PAX 2 comes in 4 different colours, red, silver, black and teal, and has an LED indicator on the side. It is very simple to use, just draw slowly at the mouthpiece, it will turn on with its lip sensor. This is great as it stops your herbs cooking when you’re not using the device.

It charges via a USB port in your laptop or computer, however you are not able to use the device while it is charging. The charging bay is incredibly slick, like all features on the PAX devices, with a magnetic bay. Charge time is pretty quick to full power too.

If you’re looking for a posh looking, discreet and portable dry herb vape for use in public places then the PAX 2 is a great quality device. There is even a 10 year warranty on the product for your own piece of mind.

You can also buy the PAX dry herb vaporiser from a number of our vape and ecig shops in Southend, Basildon, Colchester, Hackney, Clapham and Islington.

Buy your device here. 

Arran O'Neill

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