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Why use nicotine free vape juice?

Why use nicotine free vape juice?


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What's the deal with nic free e-juice?

Vaping has been a gateway for people to quit smoking for a number of years now. The idea is that you move away from tobacco and onto the vape, which contains nicotine and allows you to keep up the act of smoking. However, without the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes. You may have seen that nicotine-free vape e-juice exists, and wonder why. 

Here are some reasons why you may choose nic free e-juice 

You’re into tricks and cloud chasing 

If you are someone who enjoys trying to create a room full of cloud or perfect fancy tricks, then you might opt for a nicotine-free vape juice. This is because if you had nicotine in your juice when you are practising the tricks over and over, you might start to feel a little weird. Having too much nicotine in your system can make you feel sick and dizzy. If you are a cloud chaser, choose either a low mg or 0mg, to avoid this. 

You have come off the nicotine but enjoy vaping

If you were a heavy smoker then chances are you will have started on a high mg dose. However, over time you will gradually reduce the mg to help you with your nicotine dependence. Eventually, you may find that you are down to 0mg and feel that nicotine cravings are a thing of the past. If you still enjoy vaping and being part of the community then you can do so, with a 0mg. 

You enjoy the high VG flavours which you add nic shots too

Due to laws in the UK, you can no longer buy big e-juices over 10ml, which contain nicotine. However, there are some ways around this. You can buy a 0mg 50-100ml shortfill which you can make into a 3 or 6mg by adding nic shots or other juices. For this reason, you may choose to buy 0mg e-liquid along with a nic shot to add to it. 

Find out how to create a decent tasting 6mg in our hack video below. 


E-liquids are available in various strengths, depending on your needs. You will find 3mg right up to 18mg. If you were a regular and heavy smoker then you would be best opting for the higher level of nicotine and working your way down over time. 

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