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Nicotine free vape - what’s the point?

Nicotine free vape - what’s the point?


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Nicotine free vape juice

Why would I use a 0mg?

Nicotine free vape might seem to you like a one-wheeled bicycle. It’s missing a crucial part. However, there are plenty of reasons why you might choose a 0mg nicotine e-liquid. We share a few reasons along with some fantastic nicotine-free juices.

You’re cutting down on nicotine

While nicotine isn’t harmful, you might not want to be dependent on anything. When you first quit a heavy smoking habit, chances are you will go to 18mg, the highest nicotine level.

However, over time, you can start to reduce this level. You can go from 12mg to 6mg to 3mg then finally 0mg.

You like a larger bottle

shortfill nicotine free

If you choose a shortfill then it will be 0mg. This is due to TPD compliance. These laws mean that you are unable to buy e-liquids over 10ml containing nicotine.

If you want a larger bottle but not a nicotine free vape, then you can add your own nic shot. Adding a nic shot can turn these into either a 3mg or a 6mg.

Watch our hack video to see how to make a 6mg without losing flavor.

You quit nicotine but enjoy vaping

If you quit nicotine it doesn’t mean that you need to leave the vaping community. If you enjoy vaping and all that comes with it then you can still fill up your tank with a 0mg ejuice and puff some clouds.

You’re practicing tricks

nicotine free vape

If you practice tricks with e-liquid containing nicotine you might start to feel a little lightheaded, headachy and sick. This is because too much nicotine in your system can make you feel quite rubbish.

We suggest that if you are going to be chasing cloud and doing cool tricks then you should opt for a nicotine free vape. You’ll still enjoy cloud and flavour, without the headache.

You are using a CBD e-liquid

nicotine free cbd vape

If you are using CBD e-liquid then you will be looking for a nicotine free vape. Nicotine is not present in CBD as it degrades the cannabinoid.

We suggest that you go as far as keeping a seperate tank for your CBD and your nicotine e-liquids. 

What are some good nicotine free vape juices?

There are some delicious juices on the market, not all of which contain nicotine. On some, such as shortfills, you have the option to add a nic shot. Here are a few customer favorites, all of which are available in zero nicotine. 

nicotine free vape

nic free vape nicotine free ejuice

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