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What is Nic Salt?

What is Nic Salt?

nic salts

What are nic salts and are they right for me?

You might have heard of regular nicotine vape juice, then you may have also heard of nic salts. No doubt you will first imagine they are actually salt-like - I know I did when I first heard of them! They are still liquid, however, they are slightly different and require a more basic device. In this blog, we share everything you need to know about nic salts so you can decide if they’re right for you. 

Are Nic Salts, Salt?

Nic Salts are specifically created for those looking for higher nicotine content. They are ideal for people who are coming off cigs as a heavy smoker. This is because they are designed to curb cravings, for longer, with fewer puffs. Nic salts get their name as they come from the natural salt found within tobacco leaves.

How much nicotine is in nic salts

In your regular freebase nicotine, you can get between 3mg and 18mg of nicotine. However, nic salts allow a little more, in fact up to 50mg in some countries. Having a stronger hit of nicotine should mean that you need to vape less to curb the craving and those cravings are kept at bay for longer. 

Are nic salts for me?

Nic salts might be a good choice if you are:

  • A heavy smoker
  • Someone who doesn’t get many vape breaks at work
  • If you don’t have the time to vape lots 
  • If you want a discreet vape experience

Do nic salts come in different flavours?

Nic salts do come in various flavours. You can find a great range of delicious flavours from Doozy, called Doozy Salts. These are all 20mg and taste incredible. A best seller is Frozen Berries, plump and ripe berries on the inhale with a cool ice blast on the exhale. 

nic salts what are they

Will Nic Salts be OK in my kit?

Nic salts are best suited to a more basic or starter kit. This is because the PG/VG ratio is 50/50. Meaning that if you put this in a tank with lots of air holes it will potentially leak. Have a look at getting a small and discreet kit, especially for your nic salts. Check out SMOK Nord or Smok RPM 40 Kit. These are powerful little pods, that we think you’ll love.

Smok RPM40 Nic Salts

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