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New Vape Shop Benfleet, Essex, coming soon


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Vape Shop near me? New Vape and Juice Shop Benfleet

vape shop ben fleet

At Vape and Juice we are constantly looking to grow the business and open more decent vape shops in and around the Essex area, including Benfleet. We now have vape shops in Essex, Kent, London and Ibiza, with more opening all over the UK.

At Vape and Juice we pride ourselves on not only supplying great quality ejuice, devices and accessories, but also on the knowledge of our staff. Our staff are passionate about vaping, they know how to help people to quit smoking through vaping, and then how to get the best experience from your device and juice.

They quite literally live and breathe vaping, and the staff who will be in the vape shop in Benfleet will be no different.

At Vape and Juice you will find the shelves stocked with fantastic tasting ejuice to suit you. Whether you are in to fruits, desserts, good old tobacco or non traditional mixes, then Vape and Juice in Benfleet and any of our other vape shops, will have something for your taste.

All of our vape shops sell devices from mid to high range, depending on the investment you want to make and what you want to get out of vaping. You might be after a kit to help you quit, or maybe you’re looking for something that will give great flavour and even better clouds, or maybe you just want something discrete. We’ve got it at our vape shop in Benfleet, and all of our shops around the country.

If you’re looking for a vape shop but aren’t local to the area of Benfleet, essex, Kent, London or Ibiza, then you can order online and we will send out your products right away. We even ship overseas.  

Coming soon to Benfleet is a great vape shop, a place where you can stop and sample a range of exclusive ejuice. Find us a short drive from Thundersley, Hadleigh and Eastwood. Vape and Juice - Benfleet

Arran O'Neill

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