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Mouth to Lung vs Direct to Lung


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If you are planning on quitting the cigs in January then you will need to start thinking about which device would be right for you. There are literally hundreds of devices on the market, so you are sure to find something suitable.

One difference between devices is the two types of vaping to enjoy. There is direct to lung, or mouth to lung. It is a good idea to go in store and try out these different ways of vaping, or read up a little to find out what you think would be best for you.

Mouth to lung

Mouth to lung vaping is where you inhale the vapour into your mouth and then breathe it down to fill your lungs. If you are using vaping to quit smoking then this is something you might be used to as it is very similar to smoking. The early editions of e-ciggs adopted this method as it was so alike to drawing on a cigarette.

If you opt for a mouth to lung vape then you will want to choose a vape juice with a high PG level to ensure that you get a great taste. The nicotine level can be chosen depending on how many cigarettes you’re smoking per day.

Mouth to lung will give you a good throat hit and will not eat up your juice as fast as direct to lung. Due to the fact it is so similar to the action you are used to doing with smoking, it is a great method for transitioning into vaping.

Direct to lung vaping

A direct to lung vape is where the user breathes the vapour directly into the lungs without letting it stay in their mouth. This isn’t always ideal for those just starting to vape as it is different to smoking cigarettes as it is so different. Direct lung vaping is said to be more satisfying and intense, so it may be better suited to more seasoned vapers.  

Direct to lung vaping is perfect for those who are hobbyist vapers or into cloud chasing. In order to adopt this style of vaping you need to select a device which is compatible with direct to lung.

With this type of vaping you will probably want a lower nicotine level as if it is too high it will hit you pretty strong! Go for a 3mg or a 0mg, with a lower PG to VG ratio. More VG will also provide you with more clouds.

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