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'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Stuart at Vape and Juice Islington


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For those of you that have visited the Vape and Juice blog recently, you'll be familiar with 'The Face Behind the Clouds'. A new weekly feature where we take the opportunity to introduce our customers to some of the incredible staff we're lucky enough to have working with us across our UK vape shops. This week we're in the big city visiting Stuart, the store manager at our vape shop in Islington. Lets dive right in and hear what he has to say! 

So Stuart, tell us a little bit about how you got in to vaping?

Vape and Juice Islington

I'd been smoking quite a lot in 2015 - pretty much doubled my intake from the previous year, and one week I started feeling particularly unwell. When I was lying in bed one evening, I stumbled across an article on the Vice magazine website that was really positive about vaping (I think it said something like 'Vaping is 99% less harmful than smoking', which is pretty close to the 97% Cancer Research UK recently reported) and I immediately started looking into my first ecig. My dad quit using a vape starter kit after 40+ years of smoking, so I was convinced it was going to work... and it did!

What is your favourite e-liquid flavour?

I'm really into my soft drink flavours, and I always go back to Zap! Vintage Cola... it's very authentic and refreshing!

What's your Go To set up?

Gotta be my Coolfire 4 with my Nautilus 2... That mod never gives up! The battery life is great, and no matter how many times I drop it, it just keeps going. As for the Nautilus, I really like being able to choose between a 0.7 and 1.8 ohm coil, and the airflow control on it is fantastic. They both look great together as well.

What's the most commonly asked question in the vape shop?

'Can you help me open my tank?' The answer is yes! If you're ever struggling with an over-tightened tank, just grab a USB cable, wrap it once around the base, and pinch the ends together. Then, holding it upside down, turn the tank, and it should come undone no problem.

Top Tip for vaping in 2017 and beyond! 

That would be: never be embarrassed to ask questions. Every vaper started out somewhere, and they continued to vape because they asked questions to work out the best set up for their needs. Before you start looking into it, vaping can seem scary and complicated, but if the right person takes you through it, you'll see how easy it is, and you could change your life for the better.

If you're a London vaper and want to check out your local Vape and Juice Ecig store, you can find our London vape shops in Islington, Highgate, Enfield, Barking, Clapham and Hackney Central. 

Our experts are on hand to help everyone from first timers to absolute vaping aficionado's!

Vape and Juice London

Hope to see you soon online and offline, that is all from this edition of 'Face behind the clouds' from the UK's best local vape juice shop - Vape and Juice.

Arran O'Neill

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