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Is Vaping Safe?

Is Vaping Safe?

Is Vaping Safe?

If you are looking to quit smoking then you might be interested to know "is vaping safe?"

Vaping as only gained popularity in the last 5 years or so, meaning that there are no long term studies on vaping like you would find on smoking cigarettes. Even as a seller of vape devices we would never mislead you and say yes vaping is proven to be safe.

Vaping removes the use of tobacco, which immediately takes away the 4000 chemicals that are found when you burn tobacco in cigarettes. 60 or more of these are known to be carcinogenic.

It has been found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking by Public Health England have, however independent reviews have found that smokers do not know this. We believe that vaping is a great way for smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine intake while keeping up the act of smoking, without the 4000 chemicals in a cigarette.

Cancer Research UK’s expert in cancer prevention, said:

“In fact, the overall evidence points to e-cigarettes actually helping people to give up smoking tobacco. Free Stop Smoking Services remain the most effective way for people to quit but we recognise the potential benefits for e-cigarettes in helping large numbers of people move away from tobacco.Cancer Research UK is funding more research to deal with the unanswered questions around these products including the longer-term impact.”

If you are a smoker, and find yourself concerned to whether vaping is safe then have a look at some independent reviews which clearly show how dangerous smoking tobacco is. You might also consider using free stop smoking services if you are unsure whether vaping is safe but want to quit the habit.

Head over to one of our shops where you can hear success stories of people giving up the cigarettes and reducing their nicotine intake. We also have blogs which share our customers stories, here is one in which our customer quit smoking after 20 years and now runs marathons!

While we can’t tell you that vaping is 100% safe, due to the lack of long term studies, we can tell you that it has aided 1000s of our customers to quit smoking and even, eventually, quit vaping.

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