I’m new to vaping - Are box vapes better than stick/pen vapes?

Glen Waters
I’m new to vaping - Are box vapes better than stick/pen vapes?

Generally speaking the answer is yes; however this will ultimately depend on your needs and the way in which you intend on using an ecig. 

Whichever vape starter kit you decide on to help you quit smoking in 2017, neither deliver the tar, smoke, or carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes, so you’re already on to a winner. Check out what Cancer Research UK had to say in the infographic below - 

So to the first part of the question - What is a vape pen and is a vape pen right for me?

A vape pen is a cylindrical device consisting of a battery and a tank. Inside the tank there is a heating element, often referred to as an atomizer or a coil. The battery sends energy to the coil which heats up and vaporises the e-liquid. The vapour produced is then inhaled and exhaled as you would the smoke of a cigarette, delivering a throat hit, whilst also satisfying the hand to mouth routine associated with cigarette smoking. It’s worth pointing out that the habitual process of drawing, inhaling and exhaling is often as addictive as the nicotine itself.

Many starter vape kits are the pen style vape such as the massively popular Endura t18, and are a great way to quit smoking and start vaping. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged with a micro USB cable which comes inside the box of your new vape kit. Different batteries have different battery capacity so it’s worth checking out how powerful the battery is. The higher the mAh rating the longer your vape pen will last you before needing to be charged. Nearly all vape devices can be charged whilst you use them, so if you are at a desk or at home you can charge and vape as you go. 

The Pro’s 

  • Ergonomic; fit well in the pocket and are easy to carry around 
  • Generally they cost less than a box vape
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Reasonable battery life (roughly 1 day)

The Con’s 

  • Not as much battery as some of the bigger box mods
  • Often without the ability to increase or decrease the power output

Which brings us on to Box Mods - 

A box mod is a box shaped vape device that works pretty much the same as the vape pens, with a few added features and benefits. Many Box mods will have a bigger battery capacity, so if you are mostly out and about with no access to a charger you might want to consider one of these. They also come with volume buttons both up and down; offering the ability to increase or decrease the power output. This allows a user to customise the throat hit and the amount of vapour produced to their preferred level. This is called variable wattage / variable voltage vaping. In basic terms the higher you turn up the wattage, the more kick you’ll get on the throat and the more vapour you will produce. Box Mods generally have a small LCD screen which displays the power, along with battery level and the resistance of your coil. 

If you want bigger clouds of vapour and the ability to get more of a throat hit without higher levels of nicotine, a box mod is more than likely best for you. Check out the Aspire X30 Rover for a popular example of a Box Mod starter kit

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