How long do vapes last for

Becky Spencer-Davies

How long do vapes last for

One of our latest questions was "How long do vapes last for?"

We will answer this question in two ways, 1) how long the battery will last for each charge, and 2) how long your device will last for overall.

Let’s start with how long will your vape battery last.

This depends on a number of different factors. Which device you have, which battery it takes and how much you puff. It’s a rough guide, but here is about how long each size battery will last you:

- 900mAh batteries will last you for around 800 puffs, or 8-10 hours

- 650mAh battery will give you 400 puffs, or 6-8 hours.

- 1100mAh+ can last 12 hours

Your vape battery will last longer if you keep it turned off when not in use, and if you avoid charging it just for the sake of it. If you’ve got less than 50% battery left you can put it on charge, otherwise hold out a little longer.

It is always a good idea to keep a portable vape charger handy, or have a spare battery if you are going out to a festival or somewhere that you’re not going to have access to a charger.

Now to answer how long do vapes last, full stop? What is their lifespan? Just as with everything electronic (except the Nokia 3310) your vape device will have a lifespan. If you look after your device right, take care of it and maybe consider getting a more expensive one or one with a reputable brand name, then you will get years out of your device.

Buying a more expensive device, from a well known brand is a good idea. If the deal you found on a device from China on eBay feels too good to be true, then it probably is. A branded device bought in store or from a reputable retailer will most likely come with a warranty and if anything does go wrong then you can get it fixed.

Take care of your vape device so that it lasts you. Keep it out of hot cars or direct sunlight, only charge it when it need charging, keep it clean of gunk build up and consider getting a case for it so if you drop it there is some protection.

To an extent, how long your vape device lasts you is up to you. Eventually you will probably want a new device as what you want from your vaping experience develops and changes. If that’s the case, then come into Vape and Juice, or chat online about what you’re after from a device.

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