How do I start vaping

Arran O'Neill

how do i start vaping

You are ready to ditch the cigarettes and you are thinking “how do I start vaping?” You might find the whole experience pretty daunting- there really is so much more choice than there was a few years ago.

The choice shouldn't be scary though - the choice means that you are bound to find a vape device to suit your preferences.  This blog will tell you everything you need to know in answer to the question, 'how do I start vaping?'

  1. Get some advice

You are already doing that by reading this blog! Too much info can be confusing, so it might be worth popping in to your local vape shop (find your local Vape and Juice here). Instore you will be able to ask experienced staff who have helped literally hundreds of people quit. They know which juice is for which device, they’ll be able to show you flavours and help you pick a strength to suit you.

  1. Buy your device

You might want something small and discreet for your first device, such as the PockeX or X30 Rover. These devices are small and would easily fit in your pocket. Or you may fancy going for a box mod or a direct to lung device that packs a bit more of a punch. Give your mates vape a try, or head into Vape and Juice where you can try before you buy. If you cant make it to a store, use our live chat as we offer expert advice 7 days a week. 

  1. Select your ejuice strength

Depending on how many ciggs per day you are smoking will determine the MG you will require in your ejuice. You can get 3, 6, 12 and 18mg. 

To give you a rough idea:

1-5 cigarettes a day : 6mg

6-10 cigarettes a day : 12mg

11-15 cigarettes a day : 18mg

  1. Select your ejuice flavour

When you are thinking how do I start vaping you might automatically choose the tobacco flavour e-juice without considering the others. There are some delicious ejuices on the market. You can get dessert, mint, fruits, drink flavours and pretty much everything in between. Try different flavours and mixes of VG and PG to see what suits you and your device best. If you usually smoke menthols, the minty flavours are a great place to start. 

  1. Set it all up

Once you have your e-juice and your device you can set it all up and you will be ready to go! Make sure that you let the e-juice soak into the coil before you take your first puff, or it can be a very unpleasant first hit! Its best to leave it to for a good 5 minutes before having a go!  Most devices turn on and off by clicks. Try clicking 3-5 times to turn it on, of it isn't work. Same applies to turning it off. 

Now you are all set with the answer to 'how do I start vaping', head over to our website to see which devices you like the look of. Or check out our local stores.

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