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Hacks to stop your coil burning out

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Urgh, the taste (and smell) of a burnt out coil is hard to forget and chances are, even if you are new to vaping, you will know when your coil has burnt out. A burnt coil doesn’t only taste disgusting, it can produce harmful chemicals and ruins the whole coil head if left unchanged.

So, how do you stop your coil burning out?

Reduce the wattage

If you are burning out your coil quickly then you might want to reduce your power setting. Start at the lower end of the wattage and work your way up. Higher settings do mean bigger clouds but if you find you are getting through your coils faster than you can buy them then you might want to save those big clouds for occasions rather than everyday.

Avoid chain vaping

Okay, so you might have a delicious juice in your tank and are just sitting in front of the TV, however it is best for your coil not to vape continuously. When you chain vape it won’t let the coil get saturated with liquid fully. Having breaks from the vape will let the coil soak up the juice again and stop the coil burning.

Prime your coils

Not priming your coils can lead to you burning out a brand new coil. When you get a new coil it will be very dry and will need to have the e-juice soaked into it before you hit the fire button. This will mean that there is enough juice to absorb the heat, giving you a nice, clean vape. To stop your coil burning out by priming you will need to manually soak the wicks before you install it in your device. Another way to prime your coils is to install it and load up the tank with juice, then take a few puffs on your device without actually firing it up- careful not to flood your coil though!

Keep a full tank

If you keep your juice in the tank too low then you might not be able to soak it up into the wicks. Most devices have a minimum level that the juice needs to reach in order for the coil to be effective without burning.

Choose high PG

VG is thick and doesn’t soak in as quick as PG does. If your juice doesn’t soak up so quickly then you’ll experience dry tokes which can burn your wicks (also tastes horrible!) Try switching from high VG to either 50/50 VG:PG or just a high PG one to stop your coil burning so fast.

How often do you have to buy a new coil?

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