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Festival Guide To Vaping | What Vape Stuff To Take To A Festival


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With festival season well on the horizon, it got us thinking about all the things you need to pack when you plan on living life in a field for 4 days. We’re not talking about your tent, cider, or sleeping bag, we are talking about vape supplies. 

But, there’s not only what you should take, what are you allowed to take? Can you take a disposable, a cloud chaser? Are you limited to how much juice you can bring? Are you okay to take a puff in a big arena?

We’re going to cover all this and more in our Festival Guide to Vaping.

Festival Vaping Guide:

What vaping stuff do I need to take to a festival?

Here’s your shopping/packing list for vaping at a festival

  • Your vape device 
  • If you have a super pricey kit, leave that at home. Take a cheaper pod or disposable. Not only will the expensive one weigh down your pockets, but you also don’t want to take a drunken stumble or drop it when you are crowd surfing.

  • Enough e-liquid to last you 
  • This will depend on how much you vape. Very personal. But, take a little extra because a) you might not be able to get it there, b) you might get it there and be royally ripped off, or c) you are vaping more because you aren’t at work, you're are having a drink, and your mate keeps taking it.

  • A power bank and appropriate charger
  • Make sure you are using the cable that came with your vape device. Don’t just use your mobile phone charger ‘because it fits.’

  • A vape case
  • This doesn’t have to be a branded vape case, just somewhere to store all your supplies. Preferably leak proof so you don’t spill strawberry shortcake e-juice all over your clothes for the weekend. 

  • Kitchen roll/tissue/cloth
  • Vaping can get messy sometimes. Bring some tissues so you can wipe off any excess juice if needed. 

    Know the rules

    Generally, festivals will be vape friendly. However, you should always google your festival and the word vaping, just to check if there are any restrictions or rules. It’s likely that you won’t be able to vape or smoke inside the tents, which is kind of a given. 

    Here are the rules of some of the UK’s biggest festivals:

    Vaping at Glastonbury: Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas, including all types of accommodation and facilities at Worthy View or Sticklinch. (while there is no mention of vaping, you can guess that it is highly likely the rules are the same)

    Vaping at Reading and Leeds: Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings including Arena big tops.  This includes e-cigs/vaping.

    Vaping at Download: Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings including arena big tops. This includes e-cigarettes and/or vaping. (while there is no mention of vaping, you can guess that it is highly likely the rules are the same)

    Vaping at Creamfields: Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas or buildings including arena big tops. This includes e-cigarettes and/or vaping.

    Also, be mindful. If you are in a big crowd, maybe step away to have your vape. Not everyone is so keen on the flavour you’re vaping, or having it in their face. Be a courteous vaper! 

    Charging your vape at a festival

    You’ll be glad to know that lots of festivals have places where you can charge your phone and vape. However, these are likely to be busy and will of course cost you some money. Bring along a power bank to keep your device topped up. Failing that, buy throw aways like Elf Bars or a device with an external battery (and bring spare batteries!) Disposables can get around 500 puffs per use. 

    If you are buying a new vape for the occasion, choose one that has a large battery. Vape batteries are measured in mAh. The higher this number the better. You’ll find batteries ranging from 200mAh right up to 6000mAh. Pods and smaller options generally range between 500 and 2000mAh.

    Something to note though: your battery powers the device (stay with us), so if you have a high powered device capable of firing 200 watts then it is going to need more power from the battery. Instead, opt for a low powered device or one with set wattage as this won’t drain the battery. 

    If you do have a high powered kit, use the lower end of the wattage. This will save the coil life, keep e-liquid more economical, and prevent the battery from draining. 

    What’s the best flavour to vape at a festival?

    At a festival we love something summery, fruity, with a hint of mint. Red Rocket has long been our go-to for pods and starters, but we also really rate Grinny Heaths White Cloud if you are bringing your big kit. You might also like the idea of a nic salt if you are after a high dose of nicotine without taking lots of battery draining puffs.

    Here's one to check out:

    What vape should I take to a festival?

    Here is the criteria for the best vape to take to a festival:

    • Good battery life 
    • Economical on e-liquid
    • Good coil life
    • Small and discrete 
    • Not too expensive 

    ‘What vape kit is this?’ I hear you ask. Here are a few:

    Shop Pockex 

    best vape device for a festival

    Shop Caliburn G2

    best vape for a festival

    Buy XROS 2

    More great kits to take to a festival here:

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