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'The Face Behind the Clouds' with Hassan at our Vape shop in Highgate


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It's that time again, and another episode of the Vape and Juice blog feature, aptly named 'The Face Behind the Clouds'. This is where we take the opportunity to introduce our customers to some of the guys and girls working with us at our UK vape shops.

This week we're visiting Hassan at our vape shop in Highgate. Over to you Hassan!

Nice to see you H, firstly can you tell us a bit about how you got into vaping? 

Vape and Juice Highgate

Absolutely, I was out one night with a few friends shooting some pool, and one of them pulled out a vape pen and took a puff. I asked if I could try it and lo and behold! It was just like smoking a cigarette but better. An alternative had finally presented itself to me and there was no reason to refuse it. I hated having to step outside, especially when it was cold. I also hated the smell of cigarettes. So I quit smoking and started vaping

What's you favourite vape Flavour?

My best eliquid would have to be Corleone by Creme De La Crema. I was also a Shisha smoker, which meant that I was fruit bound for many years, which is why I tend to go for dessert flavours mostly. The Vape Dinner lady range is also great.

What's your best vape kit?

It would have to be my VooPoo Drag 3 kit, or the Smok Guardian 3 E-Pipe coupled with the original Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave. Big vape clouds for days on both of those vape kits. 

Most commonly asked question

"Smells nice in here, what flavour is that!?" Some of the more fruity flavours tend to leave my shop with a sweet aroma, most notably White Lotus by Way of the Dragon. That's certainly one of our more popular eliquids. 

Top tips for vaping in 2017 and beyond

I think that it will help people who are trying to quit cigarettes to perceive vaping as the "smoking of the future". This way, a beginner can let go of the need for a cigarette and accept this new and evolved nicotine delivery system and all that it brings.

Thank you for joining us Hassan and for giving us the low down. We'll be back next week with more 'The Face Behind the Clouds'.

Until then check out our vape review of the Cleito 120 on the Vape and Juice Youtube channel. Happy vaping one and all! 

Glen Waters

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