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'The Face Behind The Clouds' with Nancy at Vape and Juice Southchurch


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Welcome to another episode of 'The Face Behind the Clouds', where we introduce you to the guys and girls that make Vape and Juice tick! This weeks we're in Southchurch Essex to meet the lovely Nancy. So without any further ado, here's Nancy! 

Vape and Juice Southend


1. Where do you work at Vape and Juice?

I work in the Southchurch store in Southend-On-Sea, the FIRST ever (and best ever) Vape & Juice shop!

2. How long have you been vaping for?
I’ve been vaping for almost 2 years now, the first set-up i had was a pink ce4 starter kit with pure mist peach 12mg, those were the days.

3. How long had you been smoking before quitting through vaping?
I was 100% guilty for being a social smoker, I'd been poncing off other peoples cigarettes for a while and it got to the point where I was buying 20 and getting through them in the first two hours of a night out. It became a bad habit and I started smoking in the week and binge smoking cheap cigarettes on holiday. This went on for about a year before I found my brain and started vaping.
4. What flavour are you currently vaping?
My current fav flavour for sub-ohm is Naked Hawaiian Pog and my all time flavour for my nautilus mouth-to-lung device is of course, Vampire vapes Heisenberg.

5. What vaping set-up are you using at the moment and why?
Im greedy, so I always have my Cleito 120 on an RX2/3 in one hand, and my Nautilus 5ml on a Innokin cool fire 4 in the other. I couldn’t live without either of them. The Cleito 120 is more for flavour and cloud for me, and the Nautilus I need for the throat hit.

6. What is your favourite vape kit or most prized vaping possession? (And Why)
My most prized possession is my rose gold Aspire Pockex, its perfect for the nights out, times where I would have usually smoked. It fits perfectly in any clutch bag or coat pocket and can even use high VG flavours in it so the worlds my oyster.

7. If reality was no option - where would you like to vape most? (Eg on a rocking chair in a desert wearing a cowboy hat)
If reality was no option, and Cillian Murphy was 2 ft taller, i would like to be laying in a really warm a cosy cloud with him vaping ruthless grape drank and watching one of my favourite netflix series. 

So there you have it, a little introduction with Nancy, so you can put a name to the face next time you're in Southchurch. If you'd like to see where your nearest Vape and Juice store is located then take a look at our store locator here, or simply order online using the code 'FREESHIP' for free delivery. Happy Vaping one and all! 

Arran O'Neill

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