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Does Vaping Make your Clothes Smell?

Will vaping leave the same smell as smoking on clothing?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 25/04/2019 


ne of the many benefits of vaping, besides that it is 95% safer than smoking, is that it doesn’t have the same nasty smell as smoking. You also don’t get the yellow ceiling, stained beard or fingers. One question we have been asked in the past is, will vaping make my clothes smell.

When you used to smoke traditional cigarettes or rollies you probably wouldn’t notice the smell on your clothes, or in your house. Once I met a friend and said that my jumper smells weird, like curry and cigarettes. She said “it just smells like your house.” That was the final straw for me! Who wants to smell like an ashtray on a night out?

Vaping does not smell the same as smoking. In fact, many flavours smell quite pleasant and fruity. You might have noticed the different scent when walking past someone who vapes. While this has an aroma, when you vape the smell will not cling to your clothes unless you are doing so excessively in an unventilated area. The only time I noticed my clothes smelling of fruity vape was after an event where everyone in a small space was vaping and doing cloud tricks. Even then it wasn't unpleasant. My clothes just smelt sweet!

The smell of the vape can linger for a little while in an unventilated room, particularly if you have a big cloud chaser of a device. However, if you enjoy the flavour of your e-liquid then chances are you will like the smell too.

Vaping will not leave that horrible stale smoke smell that clings to clothes, curtains, drapes, carpets and walls. This is a great thing about vaping. As a non smoker there is nothing worse than going in a lift or meeting room with someone who has been smoking tobacco.

One way vaping might make you smell is if it leaks in your pocket. Make sure you keep your device upright and screwed on properly. Another way to avoid leaks is to ensure that you are using the correct e-liquid in your kit. PG is thinner than VG and will therefore be more prone to leaking out of some devices.

So the answer to your question, will vaping make my clothes smell, is no. It also wont cling to your curtains, carpets or walls, meaning you'll have to decorate less.

Time to ditch the cigarettes and move on to the safer, cheaper and less smelly alternative to smoking.

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