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Vape Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Vape Gift Guide

Christmas Vape Gift Guide

What to buy the vaper in your life this Christmas 

Christmas is within touching distance. I can almost smell the mince pies and hear the frustration of untangling lights. Before you head off down the shop to replace the bulbs in your tree lights, you might need to start thinking about gifts. We’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for vapers in your life, whether you got them in your office secret Santa, or you married them, we’ve got something for your budget and their taste. 

The Kraken - High VG Sub Ohm Vapers 

The Kraken Christmas Gift

The Kraken (£19.99) is a high VG e-liquid, perfect for those who use big cloud kits and sub-ohm devices. It’s an exclusive juice to Vape and Juice and is a mix of 70/30 VG/PG. Flavours include grape watermelon menthol, blackcurrant aniseed menthol, cherry aniseed menthol, blue ice slush and absinthe lime slush. 

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CBD Vaper - CBD IBZ & SMOK Nord 


Do you have someone in your life who suffers from pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, sickness or sleep issues? CBD is said to help with a number of conditions and ailments, and vaping is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. 

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who vapes CBD or is looking to start, then check out this combo. SMOK Nord and CBD IBZ.

SMOK Nord is a perfect kit for vaping CBD. It is a pod device and works at just the right temperature for the cannabinoid. This kit doesn't have lots of air holes so the thin high PG liquid isn’t likely to leak out.

CBD christmas gift guide

CBD IBZ is an isolate e-liquid. It is based on vape flavours, rather than cannabis strains like Dutchie Originals or The Green House. Flavours include apple candy, blue slush, wild strawberry, apple pie, lemon zest and vanilla. The 10ml bottle contains 200mg of CBD.

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Vampire Vape - High PG new vapers 

vampire vape gifts under five pound

Vampire Vape juice is one of our best selling high PG e-liquids. If you have someone on your Christmas to buy list who has recently quit or is looking to quit smoking, then this could be ideal. The high PG base is best suited in a starter kit or pod device. 

There are some really mouth-watering flavours in this brand, including banoffee pie, Vamptoes, fruits and menthol ice. These e-liquids are £5 for a 10ml bottle or 5 for £15.

Cloud chasers and tricksters 

Prince Tank SMOK Red

Some people love nothing more than chasing clouds and practising tricks. If there is someone in your life like this, then you’ll light their face up with this combo. The SMOK TFV12 Prince tank (£34.99) is a tank that promises great flavour and huge cloud. Combine this with Doozy Liquid Gold and you are on to a winner!


Doozy Liquid Gold (£14.99) is a high VG, vanilla custard flavour e-liquid. In a Prince tank, this e-liquid will produce some great cloud. You can add a nic shot to this one if required. 

liquid gold doozy vape

Soon to be ex-smokers - for the ladies 

Aspire Pockex

January is a great time to quit smoking for a New Years resolution. If there is a lady in your life looking to quit then we think you’ll like these items. 

Aspire Pockex is a sleek, stylish and easy to use device. It is suitable for both high VG and high PG e-liquids, depending on the coil being used. It is small enough to fit easily in a pocket or purse, without bulking it out. 

pink label vape juice gifts for women

Combine this device with a bottle of Pink Label e-liquid. Pink Label (£12.50 / £5.00) is a brand for women, made by women. The flavours include Elderflower Presse, Pornstar Martini, Pink Lemonade and Prosecco and Strawberries.

We hope you have found a suitable Christmas gift idea for the vaper in your life. If you're still not sure, check out our best selling e-liquids to inspire you


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