Can you vape in Spain

Becky Spencer-Davies

can you vape in spain

If you are going on a holiday to spain, or doing a season in one of the Spanish Islands, then you will want to know if you can vape in spain.

Spain are pretty strict on their no smoking in public places, which now extends to vaping. Vaping is legal in the country and you can vape in Spain. However, if you are somewhere that smoking is banned, such as a bar or public space, then you can bet that vaping will be banned there too.

When you vape on holiday in Spain be sure to be courteous of those around you, even if you are somewhere that smoking and vaping is okay. If you are on the beach or by the pool puffing out huge plumes of vapour you might get a few looks.

If you are unsure when you are somewhere in Spain as to whether you can vape or not, ask someone just to be on the safe side. Last thing you want on holiday is to have a big fine for breaking the rules.

One thing you need to be aware of, wherever you are traveling to by plane, is where to store your vape device. The ICAO has amended the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, to write that e-cigs are no longer allowed to be stored in your suitcase that goes in the hold. Make sure you correctly pack your device in a clear plastic bag ready to go through airport security.

Your juice will be fine in your case, though it may be an idea to put it in a plastic bag in case it leaks all over your holiday clothes, leaving you smelling like strawberries and cream for a week.

Yes, you can vape in Spain, just be aware not to vape where smoking is banned or you may find yourself shelling out your holiday money for an unwanted fine.

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