Can you vape in Dubai?

Becky Spencer-Davies

can you vape in dubai

Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination for Brits. You’ll be aware that they have different laws and customs to those of the UK. There can be quite serious penalties for doing something that is legal back home.  This may have left you wondering, “can you vape in Dubai?”

Dubai has strict rules in regards to smoking in public places since 2009, you can no longer smoke in shopping malls and their entrances and hotels -the ban includes vape devices. If you are caught vaping or smoking, in one of these areas you can face a fine of Dhs2,000. The mall's security are allowed to report offenders to the police too.

However, you can vape in Dubai in designated smoking areas. Don’t be tempted to have a sly vape somewhere that vaping and smoking is banned, or your holiday could be ruined with a pretty heavy fine.

In regards to whether you can take your vape to Dubai, it seems that it should be okay. However, check with your airline where you should store the batteries and liquids. Sometimes they prefer you to store in your hold luggage or your carry on.

The answer is yes, you can vape in Dubai. Remember to be respectful of the country you are travelling to, look out for designated smoking areas, and if you’re not 100% sure that it is okay to vape there then ask. Or keep it in your pocket until you are sure.

Remember when you are going to Dubai to pack enough e-liquid to last you the trip. Also, bring a couple of extra coils and a spare tank. You don’t want to find it is safe to vape and then run out of juice, or smash your tank on a night out.

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