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 Can you vape in Greece?

All you should to know about vaping in the country

Becky Spencer-Davies, 20/06/2019 

Mykonos, Corfu, Santorini, Crete, Athens. All beautiful Greek cities and Islands, perfect for a warm summer getaway.

But, can you vape in Greece? Is it legal or will you get it taken off you at the airport?

We share all we know about the laws on vaping in Greece, so you can get your holiday off to the right start.

can you vape in Greece

Can you vape in Greece?

Yes, you can vape in Greece. It is legal here and permitted anywhere smoking is allowed. It is always best to check with the bar or restaurant you are in before you take a puff. Just like in England, some places will be OK with it, whereas others might not be.

Will you get my vape device take off me at the airport in Greece?

There is no reason why they would take your device off you at the airport as vaping is legal in Greece. However, you do need to make sure you pack your kit correctly. When you go through security ensure that you have your e-liquids stored in one of the clear plastic bags. You will also need to have your device charged as you may need to show what it does and that it works. Airlines ask you not to put your vape device in the hold, so keep it in your hand luggage. That doesn’t mean that you can vape on the plane though!

Where can you not vape in the country?

Chances are public transport and shops will be a no vaping zone, as well as inside some bars, restaurants and clubs. You will be fine to vape by the poolside, on the beach and outside bars where smoking is OK. Keep your eye out for no smoking signs. If there is a no smoking sign then that also means no vaping in the majority of cases. Unsure? Ask the staff

Can you vape at the airport in Greece?

Some airports have an outdoor space or smoking room. At Athens International Airport there are designated smoking rooms where you will also be allowed to vape. Probably not somewhere you’d want to spend too much time as an ex-smoker. But at least you know there is somewhere if you are delayed. Check with the airport you are arriving at to see if they have smoking rooms.

Can you vape openly in the country?

You shouldn’t have any issues with vaping in the street in Greece. However, if you have a device that produces a huge cloud then it might be courteous if you try to keep the cloud to a minimum when you are in crowded places. It might be an idea to have a pod kit for times like these.

What do I need to pack for my holiday?

In the cities, you shouldn't have any trouble getting hold of e-liquids. However, if you are on one of the islands you might struggle. It is best to pack more e-liquid than you’d need in England. On holiday you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy a vape as you won’t be tied to your desk! Also pack a spare coil, tank and even a small kit in case yours breaks down unexpectedly. 

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