Can I take my vape through airport security? Oh, and can I vape on the plane?

Arran O'Neill
Can I take my vape through airport security? Oh, and can I vape on the plane?

Can I take my vape through airport security?

There have been a few scare stories about people taking their vape through airport security - stories on how vape pens have been mistaken for all sorts of banned items by airport security, even bullets! Chances are, though, with vape pens being part of the everyday in most countries, you’re unlikely to encounter this issue.

I took my vape pen and juice through airport security when e-cigs were new on the scene, and although the security man did a double take at my clear bag of liquids, I got through just fine.

However, if you’re off to Dubai and are wondering whether or not you can take your vape through airport security, then be warned: people have had their vapes taken away at the airport, both going into the country and going home.

The standard rules for liquids and gels apply to your vape juice too; you can’t have any over 100ml, and they have to be separated out into a clear plastic bag. Unscrew your tank and put it in the bag too, then place the battery on top of your carry-on. This will make it easier for security staff to check - if you start concealing it, then it might look suspicious!

When you’re taking your vape through airport security be sure to have your battery charged and ready to go. This way you will be able to turn it on if the security ask you to do so. Also, you’ll want a full battery for when you reach the other side!

Even if you asked someone you know and trust, ‘Can I take my vape through airport security?’ and you’ve Googled the question, you should still check with the airports you’re travelling to and from to be doubly sure. Regulations can change, and you don’t want to be left without a vape for your time away.

Can I vape on the plane?

Are you going on holiday this year and wondering, ‘Can you vape on the plane?’ If it’s a long haul flight, you might be concerned about how you’ll cope without your trusted e-cig for 8 hours (or even longer!)

Can you take your device onboard? Yes - with most airlines.

Can you vape on the plane? No. You can’t. Sorry. 

You might be tempted to secretly vape if you have it in your pocket, but there are a few really good reasons why you should not be tempted to crack it out until it's safe (and legal) to do so.

For one, vaping on a plane is against the law.

You can’t smoke ciggies on a plane, as I’m sure you’re aware. The U.S. Department of Transportation treat the use of vape pens just as if you were smoking on the plane, so you could still face a fine ranging from two to three-thousand pounds. There goes your holiday spending money, just so you could get in a sly vape! 

And if you’re off to the Middle East, be warned that people have actually been arrested and put in jail for vaping on the plane. So don't do that, either.

Ryanair have previously sold smokeless cigarettes on board, however, using or even charging your own is a big no.

While you might think that you’re being super stealthy with your vaping, others might either smell something strange, or even see vapour. While most people know what vaping is these days, what if you’re next to someone who is a nervous flyer... or someone who is a stickler for the rules... or someone who has it in for vaping? They could cause a disturbance that gets the flight redirected, landing you with a huge fine Then, you’ll have more to worry about than whether or not you can vape on the plane!

Be prepared to enjoy a vape in the sun when you land at your destination. The wait will be worth it, trust me.

Check out our previous post on what you'll need to take with you in order to vape on holiday this summer. 

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