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Can e-cigs help me quit smoking

Can e-cigs help me quit smoking

Can e-cigs help me quit smoking?
can ecigs help me quit smoking
You have probably heard more and more of your friends and family talking taking up vaping and now you are wondering, can e-cigs help me quit smoking too? If you have been a smoker for years, then you might be sceptical, wondering how you will get by without a Marlboro between your fingers.

However, vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and that is a pretty strong statistic to ignore.

E-cigs have helped our customers to quit smoking, and they can help you too. We have had people in store who have never thought they could give up tobacco for an electronic device. But, having learned how much safer they are, how much better they smell and the cost effectiveness of them, they have converted.

Some people go cold turkey, and ditch the cigs for a vape. Others use both for a little while and gradually reduce their cigarette intake and increase their vape consumption.

You might be concerned that while e-cigs can help you quit smoking it will lead you on to a new habit. If your intention is to one day be smoke and vape free, then you can gradually wean yourself off of the nicotine by reducing the MG of the juice every few months. If you are a heavy smoker then you may start with something high, such as 18mg, then gradually move down to 3mg and then a 0mg. Weaning yourself off with vaping is effective as you can still keep up the action of smoking.

When I first started vaping I knew that e-cigs will help me quit smoking because it still gives you the throat hit that cigarettes do. It tastes a whole lot better too, with thousands of flavours to try. It also has to be mentioned that vaping won't leave a stink on your clothes, breath or house. Most of them have a pretty sweet scent that won’t have people turning their noses up at.

So if you are wondering, “can e-cigs help me quit smoking” then get out there and give it a try, what do you have to lose!? You can try devices and e-juices in any of our shops to see which one will be best for you. Or, if you are not local to any of the vape and juice stores then write to us on our web chat and we will do our best to give you advice on your road to smoke free.

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